People are becoming more inhumane as they have plenty of money

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I often see rich, hateful characters in cartoons and movies, but Lisa MillerNew York MagazineAccording to the several papers mentioned in the above, money is the root of all evil that transforms people into ruthless, inhuman and selfish persons.

Researchers Say That The More Money You Have, The Less Humane You Become - Business Insider

Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesAccording to the paper published in the magazine, Paul Piff, a psychologist, told Mr. Miller, "To live socioeconomically at a higher stage, colloquially, make a person inhumane," another There are times when I feel less sympathy than people. "


Paul PiffMonopoly(Board games that trade real estate in the manner of Sugoroku) to compete each other. In that experiment one of the players stands in the advantage of the opponent in an unfair way. At this time, the opponent player does not have the chance to win the game on the basis of the rule design. When the game starts, the player who stands at the top will feel better with this fortune and will behave like a fight against the opponent. "When people are put into a more privileged and powerful role in a game, that person really will act as if there is a status, money, power," Paul Piff. Nonetheless, it does not necessarily mean that people will have this kind of money if they have money, and that being rich is a means to make it easier for people to give priority to their own selfishness rather than the interests of others. Money makes it easier for people to bring out the lowest aspects.


In addition, Mr. Miller says "Science" magazine that people who have money tend to be less emotionally and less likely to feel physical pain than those who are not financially wealthy. Kathleen Vohs, a researcher at the University of Minnesota Carlson School, discovered that people have more money in boiling water, and even if they are taken out of the game during the game It means that less pain is felt. Mr Vohs told Mille, "Money makes people into functional mode (practical emphasis). And as it applies to others, the situation will ruin things. It can be done, but it is done at the expense of people's feelings and concern for their individuals. "


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