A new package design "Condom Cap" that can fit the condom correctly even in dark places

A new design of a condom that made it easy to understand clearly and outwardly by touching and touching the package of a flat condom package with unevenness was "Condom Cap"is.

Condom Cap - Condom Packaging by Sheng - hung Lee, Yen - Ting Chiang & Wen - Ling Huang »Yanko Design

In dark places it is hard to see hand when wearing a condom, and you can bear in mind that you may scold the girls.

ByPeachy 92

Therefore, Condom Cap designed a package that clearly understands the front and back so as to encourage smooth installation.

A cross section looks like this. The front side is a mountain shape.

When using, peel off the pink label and put the condom on the wearer's banana with the depressed part covered.

It is possible to proceed smoothly because the front and back can be understood only by the feeling of touching even in the darkest darkness.

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