'Abrupt death generator' that can easily send 'abrupt death' to Twitter

By Robotconscience

What is ' sudden death '? 'It is a cruel event that appears without notice, and it is a karmic that can not be escaped. The last death in the middle of surreal.] Sudden death [is very versatile, so Twitter is still However, people who see the tweet in an environment that does not support line breaks, such as the web version, say, “_person person person_] sudden death [ ̄Y^Y^Y^Y  ̄” is displayed in a row, so only a few people

Hundred pairs of TL with a harmonious atmosphere!

_ People people people _
] Sudden caterpillar [
 ̄ Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄

It's like 'I think', and it becomes like this in ASCII art.

Sudden death-winning 2ch summary blog

The 'Sudden Death Generator' allows you to throw another line by using this 'Sudden Death' format.

Sudden death generator

Super easy to use, write your favorite letters in the 'sudden death' part

Click 'generate' and then 'tweet' to tweet

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