The second trailer including "Total Recall" intense action scene is released

The second trailer of "Total Recall" reminisced by Colin Farrel over the past 22 years has been released. In the first part of the trailer, as in the 1990 movie, the main character Quaid was included in a machine to recall memory at recall company, but this time there was a scene fighting with his wife Raleigh and the subsequent chase scene , An action scene, such as escape with marina belonging to rebellion molecule, has been added.

"Total Recall" (2012) Trailer 2nd Japanese Version Full HD - YouTube

In the dark underground city, the hero Quaid is living with his wife Raleigh. That life was different from what I imagined, but to Raleigh "Ideal and reality are different" will be confronted with a tough reality.

However, one day, I learned the existence of a company called "Rekall company" that will plant memory, so I decided to visit Quaid who is interested.

So I will try to get memories of dreams for Mars ... ...

Somehow the device spits out an error.

Furthermore, the police force rushed into there. Quaid to demonstrate the power he did not even know himself, and return to the police force.

When telling Raleigh about it, the attitude changes to a lazy.

From behind Raleigh that he has played a good wife until now, Quaid escapes.

And it escapes to Mars' insurgent molecule and it is informed that it was memory of the fake that all the memories given until now were planted.

However, based on such Quaid, "A mysterious man appeared that you are still in recall company." It is said that this is a dream that is being shown at recall company, confused Quaid.

The imminent police force. Quaid decides that this is reality and decides to fight with the insurgent molecule.

Raleighs who are going after them.

Can Quaid really regain memory?

That's why it's been a pretty packed trailer. In the 1990 version, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the main character Quaid and disguised it with a grandmother's exterior, but in this work you are hacking the image, only the face is to others' stuff It is suddenly switched.

Also, a lot of unusual mutants have appeared, but women with three boobs that were impressive even in the 1990 edition have also appeared.

The movie is released on August 10, one more month. The 1990 version saw Schwarzeneggerlike battle action, but I'm looking forward to see how it has changed.

IncidentallyThe first trailer is here

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