Headline news on June 21, 2012

As a new product of the "black black" series known as a strong stimulating gum, "super strong menthol powder"Black Black SPEEDY"ButRelease on July 10. Powder entering is the first in this series, realizing fast stimulation. Mentor's overwhelming refreshing feeling has become a product that expands quickly into the mouth. Eight grains are included, and the price is assumed to be around 130 yen including tax.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

13 Cosplay by Belgian Family "Manneken Piss" - GIGAZINE

400 naked people jumped into the ocean at once to establish a new nude world record - GIGAZINE

Ring-type mouse "Thi ..." Genius 2.4 GHz Wireless Ring Mouse - GIGAZINE

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VIPPER I: 3 hours passed after my parents came out "Family tune world"

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Paste off image of vip wwwww - livedoor blog

Yamamoto Hiroshi SF secret base BLOG: "Sky tree is 666 m including underground" is a hoax

When three girls' high school students are waiting for a train at the station, there is a case that a man of middle school and high school is standing: Gaha Rolling News ヽ (· ω ·) / Zucol

6: Norwegian Jean Forest Cat (Kanto / Koshinetsu): June 21, 2012 (Thursday) 03: 00: 09.26 ID: Jl 1 Doz / 0
I was waiting for the train.

11: American short hair (Nagano prefecture): 2012/06/21 (Thu) 03: 01: 42.77 ID: cwgr40fQ0
I can not forgive even for being standing anymore ... orz

12: Tonkinis (Sanyo Region): June 21/2012 (Thu) 03: 04: 24.80 ID: ne44sHDZO
It is time to be treated as a suspicious individual just by being there.

The person who gets quiet suddenly when a friend gets on the train wwwww Buru Speed ​​- VIP

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: It's too easy to bring a pipe chair to a train wwwwwwww - livedoor blog

Saurus: Philosophy News nwk

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Before the death, parents of Buddhism · Buddha etc. "Pick up" ... 40% experience: science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Seals: Protected at the new Enoshima Aquarium ... ... weakened violently dying - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

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Why Mitsubishi Pencil is the best profit in the paperless era (President) - Yahoo! News

With Mitsubishi Pencil, we are doing all kinds of manufacturing of writing instruments, such as plastic molding, pen point processing, ink formulation and so on. We regained our competitiveness by returning to the manufacturer's origin. Increasing the ratio of overseas procurement also contributed greatly to cost reductions under the environment of a strong yen. Until then, overseas factories were only in China and Shenzhen, but we have newly added 100% owned base in Vietnam and Shanghai. It mainly manufactures parts of writing instruments.

Where there is such a ground, hit products came out one after another. "Jet stream", a smooth writing penalty ballpoint pen, "Sharp pen" Kurtga "with its core point rotating automatically," style fit "that can freely combine holders and refills. Both of them have high technology in the background, so similar products are hard to get out. Mitsubishi Pencil sells about 6% of sales to R & D expenses, and about 200 out of about 2,800 employees are developers. The judgment that "only research and development expenses have not been cut" (Nagasawa Director) has come to fruition.

The future of the Okinawa IT industry opening to Asia: the day Okinawa becomes the center of Asia (1/2) - ITmedia Enterprise

The people who control "words without subjects" are kiken: Nikkei Business Online

Dissolved at the extension of the National Assembly? Prime Minister · Mr. Tanigaki is "Dense": Politics: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Four scooters? Men and women die, Female heavy body Saitama - Society

Japan is "a country that does not meet the minimum standards for eradication of human trafficking": International: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

For Japan, it is classified as "the country that does not meet the minimum criteria for trafficking out trafficking", the second from the top for the eight consecutive years as "Foreign Trainee System" is close to forced labor as a matter of fact.

[NS] Did the US military drones kill school girls in Pakistan?

In short, the conclusion was a hoax.
As a precaution, I also came from multiple sources and confirmed the same conclusion. This is a hoax.

I read the "Dentsu and nuclear power coverage" - Furutan Ichiro "The desire for even when the program is cut off under pressure" has been unraveled: Kamenami and Kureai!

A strange graph of the Yomiuri Shimbun morning edition. According to our law, copyright will occur at the time of publication even in doujinshi, adult, other forms without industry group ... ...? On Twitpic
Graph as if adult and doujinshi are not copyrighted works

Mayor Hashimasha orders disciplinary pardon ... By subway and staff Smoking: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

The driver was said to have smoked a cigarette in the driver's cab when he was waiting for a signal at Awaza station's connection line around 8 p.m. on the 20th. About 15 minutes later, when I drove to the Morinomiya inspection center and changed the driving with the staff at the inspection site, the staff pointed out that "smell of tobacco" and it came to light.

It is amazing to say that smoking is still occurring even though this noise is being raised.

Do not forget. What the Democratic Party did: 2ch Copipe preservation dojo

【Opinion】 Banquet of the Chinese Communist Party which is reaching the end - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

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Gotta take measures from grasping intrusion routes | If you are looking for an architect Home Conclusion

Since I see only the articles that hit Nomad, I wrote an article that supports everything (Tetsuyuki Oishi) - BLOGOS (Blogos)

How do you ring with your fingers pounding? : Kini speed

8: Below, we will send VIP instead of nameless: 2012/06/19 (Tue) 18: 45: 33.14 ID: pUvHaRJB0
Roll the tongue inward
Two fingers each hand
Hold the rounded tongue with your fingers
Blow strongly to breathe on to the front teeth

In Japan it is unknown "Nagashima Spurland" Actually turned out to be the 17th largest theme park in the world | Furoshi Quick Report 2 Channel

Kurashiki's rental umbrella 50 of 50 bottles returned in two greatly anticipated situations

I can not get married after 40 years old, I am tired of getting married, please listen to the miserable BBA's claim finally opened up Something possessed preliminary report

Mother's love genius continued to protect from prejudice Trace of the boys' family: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

In the US in the graduation season, Shikano Yano (21, hereinafter abbreviated abbreviated) is a Japanese-American medical student who graduated from the University of Chicago graduate university with the attention of the media. Since I became a college student at the age of nine, I have been called a genius, but the social looking towards the heterosis of "IQ 200 superior" was not only favorable. Life of the genius family was also the days of battle against "prejudice".

Disadvantage of the book cover of the blast speed leather

145 Name: _ ね ん _ く み な い ____ _ [sage] Posted on: 2012/03/13 (Tue) 20: 10: 25.70 ID: ???
Two years passed since I started using leather book covers.
Recently, only covering one day,
The page came to be dirty with oil leached from the leather.
Moreover, it can not be taken even if time passes.
Even though the taste appeared in the exterior, it is said that there is such disadvantage.
It was 5000 yen so quality should not be bad.
Do you know any good coping strategies?

【Baka Discovery Instruments】 "Thanks to Famima Clerk 's friends, unlimited university students like to eat Tadashi products" - (' A `) <

Preparation of coverage for writing articles - Nega Poi agent @ comajojo

When I was a student, the other person who got interviewed for the first time was Toshio Suzuki of Studio Ghibli. Even now, I remember about 90 minutes of the interview. What kind of expression did Mr. Suzuki respond to my question and what did I think about what I thought in my mind? First time interview is nervous, excited, there are also mistakes, I think that it is something that can not be forgotten for various reasons.
There is someone who is going to interview for the first time inside a member of Poyo this time. I go to the interviewing partner alone, listen to the story and write it as an article. Let the cute child travel, and so on, and send it out, but it is uneasy for the first time to interview the accompanying pears. So, I thought I would like to write something helpful.
Since interviewing is a relationship between people and people, there are various methods. However, what is different from simple relationships is to write the content that you talked about.
In this entry, I will write about preparations before the interview necessary for making an article.

Pulsing force forgiven because it is a new graduate! Is it? Young Round Table Discussion - NHN Japan Director Blog

Is it a conductor of JR but have questions? : Kini speed

From the management of 100 people: Who can talk why without telling - Why more than What (1/2) - ITmedia Executive

There are companies that are doing great accomplishments in the world and others that are not doing so, there are people who are producing results and people who are not producing results. Why do people want to buy goods of company ○ ○, why do you follow ○ ○?

That is why that person believes in "why you share" that you believe. Because I talk about "why" and sympathize with it, not "What".

My Wakiga issue was raised on the agenda at today's meeting wwwwwwww Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www

My boss "Recent body odor ... There are some people who care
Please be careful about each one. "

Because, wwwwwwwwwww
I can do it like that wwwwwwww
Well, I do not see you www www

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Leisure Person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: Foreigner "Japanese Yahoo! Favorite is Abnormal" - Livedoor Blog

About Whois information disclosure agency service to general purpose JP domain (.jp domain) About contents change |
"Customer name (organization name)" will be released from 12 o'clock on Wednesday, July 18, 2012.

Kurabe's laboratory: 【2 ch? 】 Ronda × processing × reprint = aficus 【If you do? 】

If you can see the image, it will be obvious, but the letter of the affiliation prohibition prohibition is erased.

It is a summary and reprint. You do not know? Voiced reply to malicious "reprinting summary" Rittorial number is 40 times the original article - Purpose

At the moment, the daily Saizo side article to be diffused has remained at 127 Retweets at the present time, and Ironically, the reprinted side has been retweeted nearly 40 times. NHN Japan, which operates the NAVER summary, said June 20th, "The right holder has made a complaint and we can confirm the fact of infringement," and removed this article from the site.

Two Music Rightsholders 2 organizations promote new illegal music distribution measures - Press Release - Japan Music Association for Copyright (JASRAC)

Under such circumstances, the Copyright Information Intensive Processing Organization (CDC) developed a module that identifies illegal music files by utilizing the DB and system for processing musical composition report data of regular music distribution in operation . By introducing this by a free rental bulletin board service provider or the like, a business operator can prevent copyright infringement by identifying and deleting it immediately after uploading an illegal music file (Overview See figure). By introducing this module on the ISP side, it is expected that the burden on both music rights holders and ISPs will be reduced, and it is expected that promotion and expansion of introduction of this module will be a big step forward for eradicating illegal music distribution It will be.

Two music enthusiasts agreed to confirm that this module is effective as a countermeasure against illegal music distribution and jointly urge ISP to introduce this module to ISP with outstanding upload of illegal music file Then we started our efforts.

Asahi Newspaper Digital: Introducing illegal music files into automatic detection provider Request - Music - Film, Music, Entertainment

Illegal Download Determine criminal punishment, so let's grasp what to do to protect yourself - See who walks by Ryo Takano

Illegal Download I am going to reflect on the establishment of penalties as an electorate and I will cut off music - Just a break (2012-06-20)

The historic bad law finally came true.

Penaltisation of illegal downloads Establishment of bills Is it okay if YouTube and Nico doubt - 2012-06-21 - Lawyer Yoji Ochiai (Tokyo Bar Association)'s "Day after Day"

It is because the Cultural Agency is saying that progressive downloading, etc. as mentioned above is not subject to illegal downloading subject to punishment, because the court does not judge it as such, so the criminal law There is a possibility that it may be judged by a court that is the final and decisive judge of interpretation and application that such acts are illegal and punishable.

About illegal download - The main building of medtoolz

On the other hand, while trying to make a great law, the way to aim only at improving deterrence without looking at it without using it makes visualization of each other's interactions, which leads to ridiculous results in places where writing is made.

When the law is made, if the voices say "This is illegal! Why is the police silent!" In front of you, the police will have to move. If the voice goes up and it does not move, the police acknowledges the contradiction between the law and the actual situation, so the "previous example" that will do so will tie the future this time.

At the same time, laws concerned about the risk of arbitrary operation by the police, at the same time, perhaps a countless number of unknowns connected to the net is also a law that allows the police to arbitrarily operate.

If you confess a little flaw, it will explode if you explode, you leave the university, lose opportunities to get a job, or even in a net space where damage is still big, police people were involuntarily caught up, and someone who fell down It is forced to stab.

Apple and Google patent litigation, federal trial issues pointed out patent system | technology news | Reuters

The judge said that he can not simply assume that he has a strong moral right to completely eliminate others because he has a patent.

Amazon cloud last week's system failure, the cause of the power supply trouble. Double triple protection measures fall down one after another - Publickey

It is cheap! A case where 100 yen uniform iPhone & smartphone goods can not be improved. : I will introduce a book by Blog.

Rakuten, e-book reader released in July Prior to Amazon - News of the book | BOOK.asahi.com: Asahi Shimbun's book review site

Rakuten will introduce "Kobotatch" as its own terminal to the market. The selling price will be around 10,000 yen cheaper than the preceding model (about 15,000 yen to 20,000 yen) of the same function, but there is also the possibility of further lowering. Not only through "Rakuten Ichiba" but also at home electronics mass merchandisers and so on. We will disseminate cheap price terminals and aim for rapid expansion of the market as a whole.

If you have a programmer you do not need an in-house SE? | Slashdot Japan IT

Excuse me for Talekyo at AC. It is writing quite a blur.

It is a human being who develops a company that manufactures and sells appliances. The other day, an in-house SE who was alone in the company retired. When asking the reason for retirement at the time of a farewell party, it was said that the work of the in-house SE received a retirement recommendation directly from an intolerant who thought that anyone could do as a programmer (that girls planned I am from.

Mr. SE in the company does not have any involvement in product development, so he said that he said that he would minimize treatment in the future. Currently we are just tracing the procedure while looking at the manuals left by Mr. SE inside the mail server, groupware server, user account management and so on. Despite this situation, there are stories about updating servers and networks. It is already frightening who is responsible.

Is it a recent trend that the persons in development who discontinue the in-house SE also concurrently manage the infrastructure?

Shoji Yamada BLOG National Diet Concerning the Revision of the Copyright Law

How to make the display of the MacBook main body rotate 90 degrees (180 degrees, 270 degrees) - naoya_t @ hatenablog

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Plump! : Miyuki "I, Miyuki Hoshizora! 35 years old! Recently my stiff shoulders are terrible!"
Browsing attention

4Gamer.net - "Portal 2" evolved into school teaching materials. Valve Announces "Steam for Schools" that Educational Works Can Use for Free Use

Kitamura Eriya: Revealing the "corporate secret" neta book Yuka Otsubo and "Nyaruko-san" interview - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

Manga version "Sakura Wars" Finally to the 10th anniversary of the series

What if G Gun Character comes to the 00 world? - Gundam bulletin

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Rock guitarist Retsuden talks by the old man: Kini speed

There are not enough money even though we sold 5 million copies!? The end of GLAY who disobeyed the "entertainment world's don" - Saizo woman

What are you doing in a deficit team? : Insane @ J

Exchange race mobilization mobilization was able to be done ~ ~ quick speed

Even if Hanshin is relieved, do not you rejuvenate? : Insane @ J

4: Wind blowing if nothing: 2012/06/20 (Wednesday) 0: 25: 06.53 ID: lzhTEaAv
Well waiting only for rejuvenation is a dark era and sneaky

Do you say Seibu's relay w? : What J (and baseball ch) was raised by rush

【Sad news】 Onuma, right shoulder pain without recovering To leave: insane @ N

Mr. Kiyotake Hara Director Comment Modification Copipe Summary: Insane @ Nan J

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"Cold plum" refrigerated combined use bottle will be on sale from Monday, July 2 | News Release List | Itoen

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