I tried eating potato chips of genuine tuspu taste, Kikusuido with just potatoes, salt and oil

The fragrance of fried potato chips is very fragrant, but once you taste it will be habitable, but "Kikusido's potato chip"Is delivered directly from the manufacturing site with fresh taste. Without using additives, I decided to eat what it is because of the taste of commitment made only with potatoes, salt and oil.

I made potato chips Kikusido

Potato chips were packed in a cardboard box and sent. If you look closely, the date of manufacture is noted.

Expiration date is described on the other side. The period is as short as 2 weeks, but this is because preservatives and other materials are not used.

The size of cardboard is about the size of spreading a 12 inch laptop computer.

Paper off as you open it ...

In the paper, the production area of ​​potatoes, suppliers, varieties etc. are listed, and strong commitment to the material is seen. It seems that potatoes are using various production areas from Kyushu to Hokkaido according to the season.

The content of one bag is 145 grams, and it is sold for 3 bags and the price is 900 yen including tax (by shipping fee). Potato chips usually seen well at supermarkets and convenience stores do not see contents, but the potato chips of Kikusuido are transparent packages, designed to show the potato chips inside. The reason is that the film made of aluminum so that contents can not be seen with ordinary potato chips is to protect the taste and texture of the product by making light and moisture hard to pass through and to extend the expiration date for as long as possible Because it is a purpose. Kikusaido does not dare say that, as it is just put in a transparent bag, you can see the confidence that it is meaningless unless it is "freshly made".

We ship fried potato chips every Friday and we will arrive early on Saturday. It seems to be a device to enjoy freshly fried potato chips on holiday. In addition, even if it is seen many times "potato chips" will look like "Potehachip" ....

It also sticks to the manufacturing method, "Direct flame cooked continuous chip flyer" that the flavor of potato chips unique to direct flame is coming out.

Seasoning is potato, vegetable oil, salt and simple composition.

It seems that the flavor of potatoes often comes out by using rice oil as the vegetable oil used for raw materials.

Nutrition information per 100 grams per bag is here. The energy is 570 kcal, the salt equivalent used is 0.71 g.

When opening it, you can feel the fragrant scent of potato chips.

Feeling that it is tightly packed in a bag up to the aroma of fried fish together with potato chips.

I decided to compare it with "Calbee's potato chips" because I am impatient.

Calbee is "Usukushi", potatoes, vegetable oils and salt are almost the same as Kikusuido, but also konbu extract powder, dextrin and seasoning are added.

Nutrition ingredients are here. Since energy is 337 kilocalories per 60 grams, it is about 562 kilocalories per 100 grams, equivalent to that of Kikusuido's potato chip. Since salt is 0.6 grams per 60 grams, it is about 1 gram per 100 grams, about 1.4 times that of Kikusuido's potato chips.

Although it looks slightly darker than the potato chips of Kikusuido, ....

When you compare it, you can understand the difference. The potato chip on the left is Kikusui-do, the right is the potato chips at Calbee.

Taking out one piece and arranging it is like this. The potato chip on the left is Kikusui-do, the right is the potato chips at Calbee.

When it is piled up, the thickness is roughly the same.

First of all, I will eat from Kikusuido's potato chip, Polypoly.

Next I will try potato chips of Calbee here.

Although I tasted it, the taste is certainly different, but rather than the difference of potatoes, the seasoning in the first place is different. Kikusuido is a light taste of seasoning which seems like a dash rather than a thin salt, Calvy Hayate Salt.

So, when I compared with another potato chips purchased at a convenience store, I saw the difference in taste more clearly. Compared to potato chips purchased at convenience stores, the potato chips of Kikusui do and the potato chips of Calby have the flavor of potatoes both well.

In the first place the potatoes of Kikusaido this time "Tatami mat"It is written that" potato chip processing suitability, especially chip color after low temperature storage is excellent "with the varietion. And for Calbee's potato chips,Whole potatoes! profile"From the official Calbee page, you can find out which type is being used by entering" date of manufacture "and" unique sign of the plant ", and when I looked it up, it was the same as KikusuidoTatami mat",further"Snowden"Because there is almost no very large grain, it is possible to save labor in the production process of potato chips and half-split processing of extremely large grain potatoes". In other words, it was inevitable that they had almost the same taste of potatoes.

So, although the potato chips of Kikusui Do and the potato chips of Calbee can also feel the flavor of the potatoes is excellent, the potato chips of Kikusui do not taste seasoned and taste perfect for 'taste', Calbee's potato Tips are a strong taste with a taste like dash rather than "taste".

So please try the potato chips of Kikusuido if you want to enjoy "Utsu taste" that draws the original potato's rustic taste.

I made potato chips Kikusido

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