Terabyte by 2016 Far from Terabyte Excel Bytes Zettabyte Traffic to the entire network to explode

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Cisco Systems dealing with network equipment announced the prospect of how the entire Internet will change from now on by 2016. According to Cisco, the Internet traffic globally increases steadily, and at the end of 2016 it is 1.3Zettabyte(1 zettabyte = 1 billion terabytes = 1 trillion gigabytes).

Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2011-2016 [Visual Networking Index (VNI)] - Cisco Systems

World Internet traffic volume, quadrupled after 4 years - Japan Version News Release - Cisco Systems

◆ Overall Summary
IP traffic globally increases year by year, by the end of 2016 traffic volume will reach 1.3 zettabytes (1.3 billion terabytes) per year, 109.5 exabytes a month (109.5 million terabytes) per month. IP traffic has increased by a factor of 8 in the past five years, but it is expected to further increase threefold over the next five years. Traffic from 2011 to 2016CAGR (annual average growth rate)Is 29%. In 2016, every three minutes, files of the same size as the total capacity of movies made so far will be exchanged.

The increase in traffic is the increase in the number of terminals. As of 2011, the number of communication devices is 1 per person, but in 2016 it will be 3 per person. As a result, traffic itself, which was 4 GB per person in 2011, will increase to 15 GB per person in 2016.

This increasing communication device is centered on PCs. As of 2011, traffic by non - PC was 22% of the total, but in 2016 it will be 31%. The PC traffic increases by an average of 26%, but the other devices increase more quickly, 77% of television, 129% of tablets, 119% of smartphones, 86% of M2M (inter-device communication) Increase. Also, by 2016, the communication by the wirelessly connected terminal will exceed the traffic of the terminal connected with the wire. In 2011, 55% of wired connections are majority, but in 2016 it is expected to decrease by 39%.

The most frequent communication volume (busy traffic) is 720 in 2016TbpsIt also becomes. This is equivalent to 600 million people streaming and watching Hi-Vision movies at the same time.

◆ Video related points
· The total amount of movies flowing in traffic every month in 2016, it takes more than 6 million years to see.
· In 2016, images of 1.2 million minutes (20,000 hours) are exchanged every second.
· The traffic of video on the Internet is expected to rise to 51% of consumer traffic (traffic excluding business) in 2011, which will rise to 54% in 2016. It does not include movie file exchange in P2P here.
· The picture occupies more than 50% of global consumer traffic by the end of 2011.
· Together with video (TV, video on demand, Internet, P2P) etc, it will account for 86% of the total traffic by 2016.
· The traffic of smart TV (TV connected with the Internet) doubled in 2011. It will increase to 6 times by 2016 from now on. .
· Smart TV traffic is 8% in 2011, but it will increase to 11% in 2016.
· Traffic on video-on-demand is tripled by 2016.
· The amount of traffic on video on demand in 2016 will be equivalent to 4 billion DVDs.
· By the end of 2011, the content of video-on-demand traffic was higher than that of SD picture quality with HD picture quality.
· By 2016, HD picture quality video on demand will be 79% of the total.

Graph showing that increasing traffic is mainly due to video viewing on the Internet. Online games and VoIP seem to be totally error.

◆ Mobile related key points
· Mobile traffic will increase 18 times from 2011 to 2016.
· The average annual growth rate from 2011 to 2016 is 78%.
· Mobile traffic in 2016 reaches 10.8 exabyte a month.
· From 2011 to 2016 mobile traffic will increase by 3 times IP traffic.
· Mobile traffic in 2011 was 2% of the total, but in 2016 it will be 10%.

◆ Gist of the World Local
· IP traffic grows most in the Middle East and Africa, followed by Latin America.
· CAGR (annual average growth rate) of traffic in the Middle East and Africa is 57%. Monthly traffic reaches 3.7 exabytes. This is equivalent to 836 million DVDs.
· Central and Eastern Europe CAGR is 39%, monthly traffic is 6 exabytes.
· CAGR in Latin America is 49% and monthly traffic is 7.6 exabytes.
· CAGR in Western Europe is 27% and monthly traffic is 20.3 exabyte.
· CAGR in North America is 22% and monthly traffic is 28 exabytes.
· Asia Pacific region CAGR is 31%, monthly traffic is 40.5 exabyte. It is equivalent to DVD 900 billion sheets.

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