"Solar Cooker" to convert sunlight into heat and make it cookable

The building collapsed due to earthquakes and typhoons, the electricity and gas can not be used and the rescue team does not seem to be helping ... ... In such a case it is possible to secure a minimum warm meal "Solar Cooker"is. Solar Cooker, which can be used as a kitchenette where you can store food inside when you do not use it, boil water with sunlight when you call it occasional, from the following.

Cheng-Tsung Feng | Feng, Cheng-Tsung | Feng Junji: Solar Cooker for D.A.

At any given moment when disasters may prejudice ourselves, we may separate fate depending on whether we prepare for emergency preparation on a daily basis.

It is hungry or a cold meal to deprive people of the most physical strength in the event of a disaster, but at such times Solar Cooker will gather the heat of sunlight and allow you to take a hot meal until help comes.

The reason why such a thing is possible is that Solar Cooker makes it possible to concentrate sunlight towards one point in the center by calculating the angle of the reflecting mirror and create heat.

This technology is widely used in the third world countries with high temperatures, but it is Solar Cooker that was made with something that can not be used even in disasters where gas and electricity can not be used.

The contents of Solar Cooker are as follows.
01. Pointer to measure whether sunlight is correctly hit
02. Reflector
03. Steel pot
04. potbracket
05. Space to house assembly tool of the main body
06. A stick

The assembly tool is stored like this in a box attached to the front of the main body.

Solar Cooker also serves as a reservoir for emergencies. You can store what you need for a week's worth of life, such as freeze-dried food and drinking water, iron cups, and easy medical equipment.

The Solar Cooker was created as follows.

Making a prototype first. "Lighting design analysis software"Light Tool"Using the data on the internet regarding reflection, find the angle that reflects the light most efficiently, laser cut the woodcut with that angle, and paste a metal sheet that reflects the light onto the foundation.

The first Unit produced in this way was tested by the light of the population on a cloudy day, but in the end the temperature rose only to 65 ° C and ended in failure.

After that, at the end of the series of failures repeatedly, Unit 8 was tested in the morning on a sunny day with a little cloud. The temperature is between 19 ° C and 25 ° C. In this experiment conducted by sunlight, there was not any change in the first 10 minutes, but the water temperature rose to 100 degrees when 60 minutes had elapsed. After having made 7 degrees of improvement repeatedly, it finally succeeded.

How to use Solar Cooker is from the following.

Solar Cooker for D.A. IDA 60sec on Vimeo

First of all break down Solar Cooker in half,

Remove the storage box attached to the top.

Attach the scissor bar taken from inside to the back of the main unit.

Pot is placed on pot bracket.

Pour water ......

Dry dry noodles.

Hit sunlight and wait for a while ......

Hot water will boil in just under an hour, so you can eat.

Of course it is convenient at the time of disaster, but it may be Ali to boil hot water using this when there is only IH cooking heater but you need to save electricity.

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