NTT DoCoMo is developing a translucent display that allows touch operation from the back side

Wireless Japan 2012
Since the exhibition of transflective display which can be operated by sticking the touch panel at NTT docomo booth of NTT DoCoMo booth was done, I photographed the real thing.

A demo of the actual machine is being carried out in such a booth.

The real thing is as follows. The resolution isQVGAIt is said that the response speed to touch is at a level comparable to that of existing smart phones and so on.

Not only is the display semitransparent, you can touch from both the front and back sides.

Looking from the side like this.

You can see that the letters of docomo behind you are transparent.

The biggest challenge for practical use is low brightness, which means that almost no screen will be visible under sunlight. It is said that commercialization is not difficult if this hurdle can be cleared, making full use of the semi-transparent characteristics "ScouterIt seems that there is a possibility that it can be applied to eyeglass-type displays such as "

The way it actually moves looks like the following.

The translucent display real machine which can touch operation from the back side is like this - YouTube

According to the demonstration movie that was being played at the booth, it was not possible to touch the actual machine this time, but that it can be used with the following feeling.

For example, when changing the position of the icon on the home screen ......

Long press the icon in the table

Flick operation on the back side

And, if you release long press on the front side OK

Also, touch the back to fix the angle of the cube

It is also possible to touch the surface and rotate it with a circle

The full story of the demo movie can be played from the following.

Semi-transparent display demo movie that allows touch operation from the back side - YouTube

PS Vita seems to be compatible with games and so on as you can see from the fact that it has a back touch panel, so I am looking forward to practical application in the future.

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