It becomes like this when making Disney's princesses a real photograph

It is a picture that makes me think that if the dress up Disney princesses are in reality it will be so much a picture. This was taken by a photographer Ryan Astamendi who served as a character artist for 18 years at the Walt Disney Company.

Ryan Astamendi Photography - Portfolio - Gallery

Meet the real-life Disney princesses! Cartoon stars come to life in uncanny photo shoot | Mail Online

Rapunzel with long hair attractive

Bell (Beauty and the Beast)


Jasmine (Aladdin)

Jessica Rabbit (Roger Rabbit)

snow white

For Astamendi, the project to reproduce the Disney Princesses with a model is a wishful job. Costumes are sticking and making them, for example we made 15 feet (about 4.5 m) of hair extensions for Rapunzel and incorporated dresses.

In addition, I usually take photos of the model as well as Disney Princess.

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