Mobile WiFi router "ULTRA WiFi 4G" compatible with the fastest downlink maximum 110 Mbps in the industry Quickest photo review

A mobile WiFi router that supports high-speed communication of up to 110 Mbps, compatible with the next-generation network "SoftBank 4 G"ULTRA WiFi 4 G SoftBank 102 HW」Was exhibited at the Softbank Mobile · WILLCOM summer 2012 new product launch meeting, so I took it.

The appearance of the booth looks like this.

The nominal value is overwhelmingly high compared with 40 Mbps of au (WiMAX) and 75 Mbps of docomo (Xi), and it can be used extensively in the Kanto area. The upload rate is up to 10 Mbps.

The number of units that can be connected at the same time is 10, and a battery of about 3000 mAh is installed. Because communication with the high speed wireless LAN "11n" with the standard value of 300 Mbps is possible, communication between the router and the PC can be performed at high speed by preparing a compatible PC or the like.

Size is horizontal 104.8 × length 66 mm.

The thickness is about 15.5 mm.

SIM slot and micro SD card slot are installed at the top of the terminal.

At the bottom is a micro USB port.

With an adult male's hand it feels like this. The nominal weight is about 135 grams.

Regarding speed, it is theoretical, but compared with the main carriers, it has been getting a quick nominal value as it is outright, so the measured value is a reasonable value, so people who want to watch high quality movies via the Internet and frequent People who exchange high-resolution pictures and the like are a must watch.

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