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A woman attracted to charm by just painting fly like a meteor showerAs a men's cosmetic brand AXE known for such a badly blown-up CM, in order to appeal to how much its antisodic power is amazing, "sweat curry shop AXE DRY" in Tokyo and Osaka It seems to expand for a limited time. This means that spicy curry is acted free for free from using Ax Dry Deodorant Spray, and it seems that it will be an event that you can experience the power that even though curry that seems to sweat out will be suppressed before exiting. The date and time of implementation is from 11 to 18 June Tokyo on June 2nd and 3rd, Shinjuku Station Square in Osaka, USA Village AMERICAN PARK from 11 am to 6 pm on June 9th and 10 th June.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Honda's coolest chopper bike inspired by Star Wars etc "Honda Chopper" - GIGAZINE

Police are searching for a criminal who took a meal at an invaded house and took a nap in bed, robbed money and got away - GIGAZINE

Looks like tofu "Milk Moose Bar" Taste Review - GIGAZINE

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Death Blog Owata wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww: Sister is VIPPER

Taiwanese cosplay tournament quality too high Warota wwwww Buhir news bulletin 【2 ch】

"Mami Noboribi 2 Views One Person in the Takihara Industrial Zone" / "Cartoon of KA-9 (not)" [pixiv]

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【With image] Is it a tank? Talking about the fact that the house from the outside of Japan is too magical to see the whole house - Livedoor blog

A crust comes and goes to the veranda of the house ... ... - Golden Times

For the time being, it is good compatibility between preliminary report imamas and Gundam OO ...

"Twitter fresh guy" made by a witchfriend - NAVER Summary

[Image] Cute cat with a deep-sea face: It was awesome

Lieutenant \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: 【indiscriminate terrorism】 drunken men and women, majestic indecent acts at the bench of JR station square plaza → arrested a 55-year old man and a 71-year old woman - livedoor blog

【Please help me】 BB bullet packed in my ear - Win 2ch summary blog

2 chan Korean news: Korean professor "Korean people who produced Aztec civilizations"

French "The taste of Japanese melonpan is abnormal"

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Car Watch Tokai University Develops a Wave Engine (Thermoacoustic Institution) Looking to the Car

"Japan type" measles disappear, instead of being conspicuous European type: science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Radioactive substance 40 days a week around the earth NHK News

The thundercloud develops most in central Tokyo center around 20 o'clock (May 29 th, 2012) - Nikkan Forecast - Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

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Current affairs dot com: Panasonic, head office employees cut to half Honorable early retirement of hundreds of people

It is the first time that the company will reduce the headquarters' large-scale staffing. Kazuhiro Tsuga assuming office in late June will be the first management reform that the next president will work on.
About 7,000 people belonging to the head office out of about 100,000 domestic employees to be reduced. The breakdown is 4000 in the administrative department, 2000 in the research and development department, 1000 in the production technology department. We expect to early retire from autumn this autumn.

A 57-year-old female "I played a sound but I do not remember" with a rear-end accident at Nagasaki Motorway road and wrecked forward ahead - no doubt browsing

【Mystery case】 A naked man is discovered where she was eating the face of a living man by the side of the freeway and shot dead ... USA - ('A `) <

Radioactive contamination tuna off the US Pacific coast - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

"Ganko" overtime etc. Unpaid 500 million yen ... To send documents: News: From Kansai: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

TEPCO: Bonuses are also recorded in personnel expenses of 14.7 billion yen this winter for the price increase - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Tree effect unexpected ... Local shopping district "Dear customers": Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Electric companies and their friends who wish to collapse the bridge's "nuclear power station" together with newspapers and television | The blind spot of the economy | Contemporary business [Kodansha]

Hebei Shimpo news Tohoku news / assessment agency reformed "Minami agency" Governor Miyagi "upgrading" the name of the reconstruction agency

Whether the situation on the verge of battle with the Chinese citizen Philippines who is tired of the territorial issue converges on "basketball diplomacy"

"When will China start attacking?"

"Where is the navy, why do not you go out?"

In May when Chinese and Philippine surveillance ships confronted the Scarborough Reef in the South China Sea (Chinese name "Huang Rock Island"), the voice of urging the battle with the Philippines to rise at the Chinese site increased.

The young, vigorous young people roar on the net, the Navy lieutenant appeared in the media. "The latitude of 15 degrees 07 minutes north latitude and 117 degrees 51 minutes east longitude is not within the territory of the Philippines," roused the nose.

Business Media Makoto: Current affairs of Junko Kubota Daytime thought: Why does not the media say "I'm sorry" even if I do it?

C'mon, I heard that it may get astonished whether the complaint is scary so much by the news agency, but they are scared. The more news reports, the more organizations become aware of complaints from viewers and readers, they can not say anything.

Olympus, settlement with dismissed British president in 1.2 billion yen? Economic news: Money · Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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Put a good say on men and women - blunder speed

U-1 Breaking News: Please do not marry in Japan Tell me how to hide the contents of family register

It is all about Studygift - nanapi president diary @ kensuu

Since there was an opinion that it is hard to understand the history of the coverage, we will share that.

When I started using the Web service called "nanapi Web", I started to write a story about Internet service users, and I recalled that there was a woman who became number one in Google+.

I do not know the famous people + backgrounds, intentions and popular backgrounds, so I thought about what kind of people you are using Google+ and how they are using Google+ will be an article, and the reporter contacted us with a message on the Facebook message

Interview and upload the content

It is a flow. It is the flow that we found and contacted directly, because we are "a person who is anxious as a user of net service".

Ayaka Sakaguchi was the worst pestilence god who possessed Yoshinaga FA (2) - Masuda summary

Twitter / kirik: I live together, but I do not feel love affection w

I live together, but I do not seem to have any romantic feeling w RT @ mkt_shk RT @ Satoru_ItabashI: I'm lying RT @ satoshimmyo: What happens after all ... What is involved in the development of @ kirik studygift Yoshinaga to Mr. Sakaguchi? #studygift

# Studygift uproar 2/2: Issues that criticism of assault can kill the soundness of the industry: how to walk on the construction site

When I drank in the store why I got employed Employment wwwww Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www

Akita prefecture "How can employment countermeasures be taken when a company does not come ... I want to die already ('; ω;`) - Golden Times

"Lifestyle protection bashing" Discrimination remark of Hiroshi Seiji - diary of vanacoral

In September 2006, "Reproduction of poverty will not occur, they will not have any children, so they will be lost anyway" and weekly SPA has responded to the interview of September 19, 2006 issue.

Okayama city office is furious! "Kawamoto asked me to improve his welfare protection since it came out on TV, but a strange face": I identified m9 (`· ω · ')

One day at my factory - Golden Times

What should I do when I lean on the next person in the train? Something possessed preliminary report

Thank you, 2 chanches murderers. In the future, the number of people who starve to death will continue to increase

There are two walls for receiving welfare protection.

First of all, it is a borderline strategy. Operation on the borderline is to pass the application form for the beneficiary to apply for livelihood protection, and to repatriate today only to make a consultation.

one more. It forgot the clear words, but after receiving acceptance of livelihood protection, as soon as the living of some kind of life is over, we will withdraw the receipt.

I guess it's a bad thing, is not it normal? Seeing until the first job "Whether it is really stable", you know if you cancel protection. After hitting a transcendent black company, after losing physical condition in 2 months and quitting, trying to lose life protection. It is visible that it will be disastrous.

Mr. Inside CHIKIRIN ("Chikirin)" I heard that people saying "Employment can not be secured if the factory is gone from Japan" would like to make their children and grandchild work in the factory. Reaction to remarks - Togetter

About "false hunting" in the Web, what I thought: a castle

First of all, I will try to itemize what I mean by itemizing.

- In the context of criticizing mass media once, there was a thing "Do not essentially report on disappointment sensibly. It was a frequent context and I think that there was persuasive power as it was. For individuals, I did not like funny reports, though it would be for politicians but for entertainers.

· In response to that, I think that there was a direction to expect from "the Web as a counter to the press that is pressed by the mass media", and I also had such awareness somewhere.

· Although this is not a recent recent talk, "criticism of falsehood" is sensational excitement on the Web as well, and whether it is the Web or the mass communication, the topic that you get after all is the same , Has a close recognition to the resignation that.

· Funny news has the aspect that fainting is basically "puzzling anger", "indignation is pleasant", "it is pleasant to attack from the standpoint of justice against the subject of wrath" I think it is very powerful as content.

- After all, the Web is also one of a number of media, the person who wants to sedate will be fueled, the time will be biased when it is biased, and the user will settle to the ordinary conclusion that the information must be properly selected as a user Maybe.

Insane knowledge of net sales of the apparel industry is insane? | Fashion Distribution Blog de industry interests | May 29, 2012 | Fashionsnap.com

Zzo sells it while explaining the difference in size of goods, without leaving it to the brand, in order to fulfill its own "sales responsibility". This is kindness, or selling apparel, it feels quite natural like common sense.

But what if I turn back? To sell online, I posted only standard size specs and did not explain the differences between products with different fittings ... It is said that there are many companies that are wrong or difficult to understand Is that it?

Why Saitama prefecture women average bust size is A cup? - I dislike craps.

In order to increase breasts, it is important to go to bed at the timing when female hormone is secreted during the growth period. That time was between 22 and 2 o'clock in the evening. In other words, in middle school and high school days, sleeping at a proper time without nightlife is the secret to enlarge my heart.

That means that when returning backwards, the girls in Saitama prefecture are basically not asleep, but when they continued the survey on the program, surprising results appeared.

According to the data of the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the sleeping time of girls in Saitama prefecture is the shortest in the country!

Why are not school girls in Saitama prefecture sleeping?

First of all, Saitama prefecture is ranked first in the country for cram school and preparatory school. The shocking fact that the study time at home is the fourth place nationwide, and the length of school time is the second place nationwide has become revealed.

In other words, junior high and high school girls in Saitama prefecture attend distant schools, studying in cram schools and preparatory schools, studying even at home, they are always chased by studies, basically not sleeping. Actually, only 10% of high school girls in Saitama sleeping before 22 o'clock in the evening. Although I can say that there are many children who can study as much as they do back.

On the other hand, listening to Kumada Yoko from Gifu who has the most bust in the whole country, he was doing club activities, so he seems to have been sleeping at 22 o'clock at night. In the first place Gifu * 2 is not a 24-hour convenience store, too, after 22 o'clock the signal will be a blinking signal, it seems that it was not an environment like a night out. It was the same even if I listened to the gravure idol from Kyoto. By the way, even though I just think of it now, there are Misako Yasuda and Yuri Ishihara of Gilgames in Kyoto.

This time, at the studio I was asking questions about women over E cup and female A cup, but people over E cup were sleeping at junior high school, at least 23 o'clock, most of the A cup Women were mostly sleeping from 0 to 1 at junior high school. I did not think that it would appear so far.

Is it true that a woman can only speak with emotional theory? : Kini speed

Respiratory physician: Should I report my life to cancer patients

Mosaic to Anpanman during Ramadan? What is the life of Iranian people? - "People's Assault - Series Column - Week Pre NEWS

The reason why the manufacturing industry is still needed in Japan - a notebook of @ fromdusktildawn

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Will freedom of model change not come to au - sushi !!

Do PCs shut down every time? Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www

PENTAX K-30, a dust-proof and splash-proof digital SLR camera optimized for outdoor shooting New release Sporty model with full-featured functions suitable for middle class | PENTAX RICOH IMAGING

This product sticks to the same function as the top model such as a glass prism finder with a dustproof / drip-proof structure and a field of view ratio of about 100% to a compact lightweight body equivalent to the entry class, making it easy to begin shooting high-quality images even for beginners with single lens reflex It is a model developed for enjoyment. In addition, it features a function of improving quick-filling, such as high-speed continuous shooting of up to about 6 frames per second, high-speed shutter of 1/6000 second, and a double electronic dial that can instantaneously change setting settings, as well as grips By adopting a sporty exterior design that emphasizes functionality, light shooting in outdoor is enabled. In addition, in color variations, we offer three colors, "Crystal White" and "Crystal Blue", which are high-quality and glossy, painted by imagining high-class sports cars, including the classic "Black".

Evolved places and bugs in Photoshop & amp; Illustrator CS6 | Summary | Stocker.jp / diary

You should do it before you create the web for the first time in Photoshop 8 (including CS 6) | Design Color

How to load test using Apache Bench | Web activity notepad

Difference between query_posts and get_posts | Kobe Freelance Web Master daily report

I think that it is better not to use query_posts fundamentally, the reason

Google Japan Blog: Make My Places more convenient on Google Maps.

Today, we added a function that allows you to register the location of your home and work place in the "My Place" function of Google Maps that we began offering in June last year.

Personal smartphone business utilization, popular with employees 'Can not return to previous work way' - Japan Real Time - www.WSJ.com

Two senior executives withdraw, confrontation Mixi (1) | Corporate strategy | Oriental economy of investment · economy · business online

The environment surrounding Mixi is severe. In the year ended March 2012, operating income decreased 34.9%. In the year ended March 31, 2001, while planning to increase operating income from 0.3% to 27.6%, advertising revenue, which was the mainstay, will be reduced from 8 billion yen to 5 billion yen. We plan to compensate by increasing the billing revenue of games etc., but the sense of uncertainty is increasing with the modulation of the growing social game market.

【Keyman Rogo】 Hobby OS made by a person alone! Is it? UNIX father ~ Ken Thompson | Enterprise | My Navigation News

The basic promotion method of Android application which I can not ask now

Architecture of high-speed web server Mighttpd | Latest technical trends | IIJ

At the IIJ - II Technology Research Institute, since autumn 2009 we began to develop a web server named Mighttpd (read as mighty), and it is open source as an open source. Through this implementation, we have reached the architecture that keeps the code simplicity while drawing out the performance of multi-core. Here we will step through each architecture.

UX and UI are confused Wake: could

Apple "App Store" rejects application with donation service "Flattr" - CNET Japan

This is too cruel ... Panasonic of Japan's only handmade specification TV later releases the top model later "To fall in shape in one month" | Gadget bulletin

Twenty things found in Silicon Valley stay 60 days - Papa papa

While classified as social media consultant classified | More Access, More Fun!

Lawson utilizing the most social media in the country, its success stories and methods are very helpful (seminar report) - Six Apart blog

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"Machi ★ Asobi vol.8" holds "Ghost of the Ghost Headquarters Survey Broadcasting Department Business Trip", "Talk & Live Event"! | TV anime "Dusk Otome x Amnesia" Official Site

SYNODOS JOURNAL: Possibility of world and SF first generation after 3.11 (1) Kazumasa Shinshuro × Shinichiro Inaba × Hidemasa Tanaka

SF is said to be an attempt to extend the limit by challenging the limits of human speculation. For example, many Japanese must have recalled some of the episodes of 'Japan sinking' by science fiction writer Komatsu Sakyo, representative of Japan, in the recent earthquake. It was an event that made us recognize the strength of Komatsu's view of the world once again, and that we are also aware of what we are facing a new environment (as we did not anticipate even in Komatsu) .

The 29th "Amazing with the maniac too much of" Dominion Maniax "!: Tanakamakoto's" It's a turn. "

Actually, this is not a "game".
Now, "Dominion" has become a big hit in the world as a historical work of board games, card games. That 's a tactical book.
"Fanbook" rather than "tactics book" would be appropriate.
Instead of 'guide book', 'tactical book' would be appropriate.
Anyway, its "dense" is just being overwhelmed.
This time, I will try to introduce the contents of this "Dominion Maniax" briefly.

【One Piece】 Is there a factor that depends on people?

The figure is too beautiful to learn impression: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

【Gekkoku's Weekly Overseas News】 NVIDIA's GPU virtualization to challenge game machines

Install GPU on server and run high quality 3D game on server side. Users will be able to play high-quality games over the net as if they were operating on a local machine. PC games and PC game class games can be played as they are, even on poor machines such as TV, tablet & amp; smartphone, STB (set top box). Such On Demand gaming service has already been provided by OnLive and others, but NVIDIA is trying to promote it by providing a more economically realized mechanism.

A story that it is better for a person who is thinking about buying individuals of pachislot idol masters to buy individuals | Slovian com

The graph above is the price transition of "Code Geass Rebellion Lelouch" that appeared in May this month.

Immediately after the release, the one traded at about 500,000 has fallen to less than 200,000 in only 2 weeks. It is a graph like an accident as if something went wrong. But this is normal. In pachislot new shinbu, such a sharp price sharp falls like a normal occurrence.

Kentaro Katayama is not alive I am writing a new work - I mainly read the light novel ^ 0 ^ /

What I aimed at student-based open source project - Diary of UEI / ARC shi 3 z

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Talk event summary by Mr. Nakano Daigaku Nakano coach - Togetter

Domestica Board Summary Blog: The notice of soccer magazine flags flag

Avant-garde projects continue one after another - Is the midnight program saving TV? (Nikkei TRENDYnet) - Yahoo! News

Ryozo Ozawa, a social critic, "The entertainer does not know when the income will be lost in an unstable occupation and can accept life protection": Black Macho News

Leisure Person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: 【Begin Bulletin】 You go now to the park near you! There is AKB's CD - livedoor blog

[With image] As topics on topics that the quality of villas for general elections made by AKB Otta is over - MC

Movie "Tabirase Shinsengumi!" August shooting start: Kanagawa: Region: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

[Movie] Takeshi's complaints "Yoshimoto Namapo performing arts byte" / Elder brother of Kinkon Kajiwara was an air-defense officer (national civil servant): I specified m9 (`· ω · ')

Domestica Board Summary Blog: Does the majority of the executive committee oppose the transition to the J-League Fall Spring System in 2013 ... Kyo J Temporary Executive Committee

Kinkon Kajiwara also protects her mother's life from 1.4 million yen last March - Sponichi Annex Entertainment

Valentin is playing twitter / baseball flash / daily sports online during match

Why is Arai too weak in terms of opportunity: Parvenone

70: Wind blowing if nothing: 2012/05/28 (Monday) 19: 56: 51.19 ID: olY9WtwM
It is easy to understand what you think of the hit point king who thinks and thinks normally
I am convinced that not only the fans but also the players are weak

91: Wind blowing if nothing: 2012/05/28 (Monday) 20: 03: 05.50 ID: rFC7UjE9
In the opportunity there are too many front batters four balls. It's strange that Brazel picks the four ballers
The other party is a professional and I know well about Arai.

What is it?: I do not understand the meaning of Arai, killing point king!

46: Wind blowing if nothing: 2012/05/28 (Monday) 23: 39: 56.84 ID: wPgyCzDh
Why can not you love to be positive in a positive way

77: Wind blowing if nothing: 2012/05/28 (Monday) 23: 45: 16.55 ID: 8JYcYKld
What J is the most beloved player
AA is too abundant

Cap speed (Hiroshima Toyo Carpter's Blog summary blog) 【sad news】 Japanese wiki by Sean Ochinko is strangely enriched

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(PDF file)A popular classic product of the past has recovered for a limited time for the first time in 3 years! "Chicken burger Aurora sauce tailoring" ~ From June 19 (Tue), release by Mos Burger nationwide ~

(PDF file)"Japanese-style chicken (black pepper taste)" and "Italian chicken (tomato flavor)" sale menu recommended for various scenes such as holiday or home party - selling profitable "chicken sansei set" at the same time -

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