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last week,A wide range of Japanese solar eclipse could be observed for the first time in 932It became a topic, but as soon as June 6 also as a big "astronomical show"Daily passage of Venus (passing through the sun)Will come. This means that we can observe all over Japan for about 6 hours and half from around 7:10 to around 13:47, and even people who have not seen the spirit solar eclipse have opportunities. By the way, next time 105 years later.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

This is the secret of "iPad 2" packaging design, thorough rationalization and simplicity commentary & photo review - GIGAZINE

Variety of wallpapers 3Dized NES game such as Mario, Soul Konlo, Excite Bike Various - GIGAZINE

I was watching the memorial service site in Seoul, South Korea on 23rd May 2009 when President Roh Moo Hyun suicide - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
LAWSON × Amazing Spider-Man "Kuge Kun Triple Pepper" - YouTube

【Majikichi】 LINE is too cute too Warota wwwwwwwwwwww: Kini speed

Asahi Shimbun Digital: The smell of mystery curry in Hyogo · Mikuma mountain do not hold true - food and cooking

Leisure Person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: I '' Gataku Dog 'Do you want to be a long stroller? Do you want to walk around?' - Livedoor blog

"Iron Man of Cookery" is very popular in the United States: Gaha Rolling News ヽ (· ω ·) / Zucol

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Now, among women "Sakawa Boys" is popular! "Thank you for luggage for me ... / / /" - Livedoor blog

Squeaky Freeza "I'm going to crush it, like a trip at 22 o'clock Sunday"

1 Name: Below, we will send VIP Kawarimashi the nameless [] Posted on: 2012/05/28 (Monday) 04: 48: 31.37 ID: jMQUgQoi 0
Tokumitsu "Ulurung's thing - ー !!!!"

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
To the survey on blue light health effects of PCs and smartphones NHK News

According to the study group, the blue light is the shortest wavelength visible in the visible light, the energy is strong, so the burden on the eyes is greater than the light of the other colors, and when viewed for a long time inflammation occurs in the retina That means there is a danger.
Also, the blue light is also included in the sun's light, which means that the rhythm of sleep may be disturbed at night.

A 16-year-old boy in Germany finds the answer to a difficult question that Newton could not solve | Slashdot Japan Science

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Governor "Improve Shikoku Shinkansen" - NHK Tokushima Prefecture News

The governor said, "Although it was a concept that somehow made a Shinkansen across the country, it was said that the East Japan great earthquake triggered the necessity of alternative functions in the economic aorta."

"I liked hardcore" female student "... ..." J-CAST news employee arrested for murderer's alleged face - daily Saizo

In recent years he is acting as a deputy editor in "J - CAST news" and sometimes replied to the media 's interview that "he is also dealing with small neta that can not find the biggest media."

However, when asking J Cast Co., Ltd. that operates J-CAST, he says, "There is no doubt about employees, but it is not a reporter, it is not a sub-editor-in-chief." When asked about the current job, "It can not be answered" was a strange answer. Furthermore, as to the question as to whether there is future disposal etc., "It can not answer by telephone, please question with e-mail," shut out. It was an impression that I was in a panic that the respondent answered in two turns, and that he was on the side to be interviewed.

The allergic symptoms of "Drop of tea in tea" are amazing, even with minor exercise even if you do not take allergens! It is! : I specified m9 (`· ω · ')

The headquarters building of the Banque Bank, desperate for relief by the Spanish government, seems to be leaning from the appearance and looking forward to management: Market situation total power two stories

Historical data 257 in the oldest library in Napolito The suspect is ... | Current awareness portal

SL also stops ... ATS malfunctioning, one after another on Yamaguchi Line: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Two Tibetan people burned down to the Chinese government, the first in Lhasa = Xinhua Company | World | Reuters

2 chan Korean news: "Son's girlfriend is asked to prostitute, refused sexual assault" ~ A man in his 50s sentenced to prison

Standby service of Yakiniku Ebisu applied for civil rehabilitation law application liability 7.2 billion yen - MSN Sankei News

Victim, photograph of juvenile photographed by juveniles Photographed at the time of listening, blogging - 47 NEWS (Yona no Toshi news)

Mayor Hashimasha's asset public savings account "Now forgive"

As for the property of mayor Hashimasha, time deposits etc. are over 9 million yen, securities are about 20 million yen, etc. There is not a big change from the governor era. Mayor Hashizasha, who criticizes the system of asset disclosure as "the law of the monkeys," claimed that ordinary deposits and relatives' assets should also be subject to disclosure.

Inside Report "Rogue" Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden Executed Why the United States Does not Capture Kim Jong Il | Economic Dead Angle | Contemporary Business [Kodansha]

Most of the equipment of the Korean People's Army is old-fashioned made in China and Russia. Did the result that the United States boasting the world's best military power do so much damage in battle with North Korea? Shigeru Aoyama, President of Independent Research Institute, who is familiar with military problems, will explain.

"Considering the battle limited to the" regular army "such as tank troops and air force, it will be a victory in the US However, special forces specializing in assassination and destruction work exist in North Korea.This special troop with this special unit Assuming battle, I got a result that "the number of casualties is uncounterbull." Considering the use of chemical weapons such as VX Gas and Sarin, the US Army It is more vulnerable than imagined, the biggest reason why America does not attack North Korea is here. "

Currently, North Korea possesses nuclear weapons. It is clear that if the United States and North Korea carry out full warfare and North Korea strikes a nuclear countermeasure in the unlikely event, it will have disastrous consequences beyond the previous simulation. Mr. Niksu mentioned above will continue.

Accident: Falling in Sawa, Consul General Russia Niigata died ... Campsite - Mainichi Newspaper

【I knew】 Mr. Kiyotake participated in the outflow of the internal data Conclusion of the giant: What is J (collectively)?

Discussion: Pros and cons to the Maritime Self Defense Force's "sinking drill", your thoughts - BLOGOS (Blogos)

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Attention to the east sky! It takes a big double rainbow after the guerilla heavy rain - Togetter

【Regret】 I named my son a flight horse (hula)

"World food of the world" that reflects human drama «WIRED.jp World's Strongest 'Techno' Journalism

Mr. de Ros Santos, who is now 42 years old, has been visiting countries around the world for about seven years and shooting food and people who make it and enjoy it. Her photographs not only reflect the food on board the dish, but also captures stories and impressive moments about what people need to live.

"I found out that there was a story in food, which I had never thought before, but it is an attractive story."

When you want to grab a man's stomach bag Never make it NG dish something possessed preliminary bulletin

Girls 'Cash register' Do you need a receipt? "Oh yeah hear me asking. There is no meaning to listen to it, you idiot" Something possessed breaking news

Fetters of the environment - G.A.W.

Rather, people who have usually grown up with a low educational background do not have much idea of ​​"costing education". There is also income problem. You can not afford to pay realistically. But what is more important is "to have an academic career now and what will be, so let's get a job more carefully than that."

About the educational problems of DQN, or that I am also DQN - Hatena Kamozawa

Problems of support and assistance between parents and children began to climb a lot of topics. Although it is said that it is said in traditional Japanese values, basically "fideliter" does not protect the weak, does not increase freedom, does not prevent misfortune.

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Twitter blog: For restaurants and mobile stall owners

From such Twitter, it is (urgently) requesting to the people of restaurants and mobile stalls. Will not you use Twitter more? For example, it would be extremely helpful to tweet like "Daily set today is ginger grill" or "Limited hamburger set is for the remaining five people". If you can afford it, it is greatly appreciated that you can also provide information such as "It is full now" or "I can slowly sit down after the peak has passed".

News - Amazon and US independent publishing organization settled, e-book sales reopened at Kindle: ITpro

If you buy now, which is it like iphone or ipod touch? - Husband playing on iPhone

Yamamoto Hiroshi's SF secret base BLOG: "Sex education program being broadcast in the morning in Belgium" was still a hoax

Rocket news did not examine this often and it made it an article.
But, this news, most people believe without doubt ...


So, everyone, let's doubt as to why the source is unknown.

On Windows 8 it is too quick to boot and it is difficult to get the boot options menu? | Slashdot Japan

Google Japan Blog: Google search application for iPhone is new

Major SEO expelled from Google due to buying links | SEO Japan

Students who make remarks on Twitter and Facebook consciously (lol) are no longer polluting

Denied? Xen | Slashdot Japan Linux

Although it is popular Xen as a flower form technique a long time ago, it seems to have declined now (from the article of TechTarget Japan). The reason is that KVM appears.

Thinking in the tuition support platform "studygift", the mechanism of goodwill and the meaning of the university [picture collection nostalgia] 2012/05/28

The order I saw. Yoshinaga gathered over Waseda University 's scholarship donation study gift for Ayaka Sakaguchi who is currently in dating, but gathered more than the target amount, but to the full refund for fraud that he was actually dropping out: Hamster bulletin

Can "publishing digital organization" be a savior of the eBook market in Japan? Chairman of the Board · Ask Uemura Yashio «WIRED.jp World's Strongest 'Techno' Journalism

Amazon, data communication service for mobile terminals in Japan: Nihon Keizai Shimbun
The transfer amount is 500 MB and seems to be 1980 yen in one month.

Library "Next recommendation" ripple ... Reading history personal information: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

For example, every time one book is borrowed, a point of 1 yen is given, and it can be exchanged at a retail store such as a convenience store with 46,000 stores.

A recommendation that recommends a book that is perfect for each person's interest, such as "This book is recommended for you", such as from the past lending information, is one of the eye-catching services.

However, in order to recommend, it is necessary for CCC to accumulate and analyze the loan history. In addition, it is also considered to provide anonymous logs to affiliated retailers and utilize them for market research.

Utilization of such history has long been considered taboo in the library. The Declaration on the Freedom of the Library by the Japan Library Association, to which the 2357 Pavilion nationwide belongs (revised in 1979) stipulates that "what to read is privacy of that person" and most libraries immediately record the book Has been deleted. In the case of the National Diet Library, erase application data for viewing / copying one month later.

10 Years of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Red Hat 10 years history.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Asahi Newspaper Digital: A record of consecutive losing of a movie - Atsushi Obara's Animaga Don - Movie, Music, Performing Arts

Manga Questionnaire: "GATE 7" CLAMP's manuscript is "smell of incense" - MANTANWEB (Eastern web)

Is one page of Ranobet more severe than this one? Wwwwwwww: Sister is VIPPER

Okada Toshio's 2 chan threads are supposed to be interesting

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Stop stopping actors as voice actors in big titles!? Documentary that closes to the realities of the American voice actor industry as a topic! - Cinema Today

Koichi Kawamoto, Total 4 million yen Enjoy Hawaii Travel and Increase Receipt Amount

Takeshi, criticism of Kawamoto "If you aim for an entertainer, you should work part-time, I should work not to support you and support my parents" - ('A `) <

2 Channel summary Name is not yet 【Image】 TBS's Ikumi Kimura Anorexia gets worse Arms and legs gore

Spare time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: 【With image】 Italy Bicycle Road Race Broadcast Accident Hentai Excursion during Comment - Livedoor Blog

It is a thread baseball that standing in what J of power pro World

College No. 1 catcher from 1989 to 2011 summarized: What J (and baseball ch) raft was raised

Why did Akasaki succeed in professional baseball? : Pararunon

«Hiroshima Toyo Carp« Daily publication ___ ___ ___ 0

What's your name? J J Summary: This year's Carp stroke is the lowest ever?

What a great J! It is! : 【Hanshin】 Kimoto Tomonori (44) batting average: 265 (1st team)

Hanshin × Seibu (5/27) Baseball

Seibu's relays vs Hanshin batting wwwwww: What J baseball flash

【Urgent】 Seibu fan set - quick speed

182 Wind blowing and anonymous 2012/05/27 (Sunday) 17: 29: 06.01 ID: 8 UfGgUam
However, I want you to wait
Whether there was signs of improvement in plain's flight habit was not harvest

What a great J! It is! : 【Sad news】 Nagod commentary will be occupied by yakuza

What a great J! It is! : 【Sad news】 Mr. Kawakami, Asao Flame

【Seibu】 West west entrance 8th and 179th without any losses! Herman preemptive timely! Nakamura No. 5 Touran! : What J (and baseball ch) was raised by rush

【Saddication】 Seibu's west entrance, a direct change of change will also be continued: what J baseball flash

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Rather, the possibility that it was appealing with eyes "Do not give him out"

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Noodle-noodle sense noodles are a popular "Nissini noodle craftsman" from seasonal new products! "Nissinomi no Takumi Tomato Tailoring Salt" released on June 11, 2012 (Monday)

~ Seasonal Limited! One cup to survive the hot summer ~ "Summer La Chicken Chicken" June 11, 2012 (Monday) New Release

"Mitsuya Cider Salt Candy" New Release | News Release | Asahi Food and Health Care
New release on June 11

Morinaga Milk, Releasing Vanilla Pudding "Refined Summer Finish Purry Yakushi Vanilla" with a Sharp Aftertaste
New release on June 12

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