The terrible school lunch picture taken by a 9 year old girl spreads and the feeding menu is improved


A 9 - year - old girl attending a school in the UK wrote a picture every day in the blog that the stomach eating each day did not fill his stomach, but it was said that too much bad luck had been followed and it became a hot topicAbout two weeks ago. Was this a problem at school, reporters of great people and local newspaper companies came to the school, and it seems that meal improvement was improved.

Nine-year-old's lunch blog shames school making making changes | Grist

A picture that became a topic of "terrible".

On April 30, a 9-year-old girl living in the UK calling Veg "NeverSeconds"We opened a blog called. In this blog, a question was raised as to what we ate with meals for lunch and have been reviewed with pictures and whether the lunch is not enough. In the review, it was decided whether the meal was good or whether it was a healthy menu or not, with each of the ten scores full, and other such as volume and cost performance (lunch fee is 2 pounds = about 250 yen), like the eating log Evaluation was done.

The photos that this blog first uploaded are those listed above. Even then, the same sky-school meal continues, and blogs are flooded with access. British popular chefJamie OliverYou can touch it on Twitter as well.

Appeared on BBC radio on 14th May. At this point the number of accesses has surpassed 325,000, it has become an influential blog. Veg seems to have been listening to his father that "Great Mr. or local paper is coming to listen to meal talking about meals", so on chef 15 on the day we had cherry tomato and cherry tomato actually never seen before Radishes, carrots, sliced ​​cucumbers and so on appear to have appeared.

School meal called "Vegetable is fat!"

"It was a volume that I could not finish eating until the roll on this day."

It seems that it got better if compared to before, but feeling that it seems to be good for even a slightly balanced menu ... .... By the way, is not this Sendai City 's lunch menu is small in 2007? When it is talked about, what kind of school lunch is offered in Japan It is an image made by the fact that it is provided.

In fact, what is presented as a menu of Sendai is done to get used to new students for lunch itself, preparation, serving and tidying etc.Breakfast mealIt is not that all meals are of this quantity.

In school lunch school in Vienna 's school was only particularly losing ......

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