"Listerine" "Coagret" "Competition F" was compared for prevention of bad breath, plaque and gingivitis

If you use mouth wash solution that takes care of the entire mouth such as tongue and gums, mouth mucosa and so on and plays a supplementary role of tooth brushing, components will spread to the inside of the mouth such as gaps of teeth that can not be reached by toothbrush, so tooth decay and teeth It also leads to preventive measures such as circumference diseases, and it also prevents bad breath. So, I used a variety of commercially available ones, but none of them seemed to have any effect as I said, so after examining the various things again, "Listerine Total Care"Core Greush"Competition F"It seems that three of them seems quite effective ... ... so we decided to try and see how effective it is actually obtained.

Six effects into one! Evolved Mouth Wash Listerine Total Care

The power of catechin stiffens and removes dirt in the oral cavity! Coagresh

Causes of mushy teeth · gingivitis · alveolar pyorrhea · bad breath and countermeasure contest F

From left to right are "Listerine Total Care", "Core Gure", "Competition F". This time we will compare these three kinds of mouth washings.

◆ Listerine Total Care (Reference price 1155 yen)

The appearance looks like this.

Quasi-drugIt is designated as "Medicinal". Expected effects include "prevention of tartar deposition" "prevention of dental plaque deposition" "to natural white teeth" "prevention of gingivitis" "purification of the mouth" "prevention of halitosis" and many.

The ingredients are here. The main component is ethanol. It also contains 1,8-cineol with strong sterilization and preservative action, and timolol, which is a widely used fungicide for dental treatment.

How to use rinse mouth with about half of the cap mouth, then just brush your teeth OK.

This item has a content volume of 1000 ml, it is about 20 ml for one use, so it can be used about 50 times.

Actually putting it in the mouth, stimulation by ethanol is quite strong. It is as spicy as when crushing 3 friskes at a stretch, and it will be instantly awakened if used in the morning. After rinsing the mouth, you will soon want to wash out the mouth with water. However, the refreshing feeling in the mouth after using it is the strongest among the three. After using it in the morning, there was no sticky feeling in the mouth until the lunch was eaten, and a refreshing feeling was sustained. It is recommended to use it after meals, before going to bed or when getting up.

◆ Coagret (2940 yen including tax)

Next is "Coregreush". It is not a quasi-drug, it is classified as a cosmetic product.

The ingredients are here. Chaa leaf extract that cleanses the environment in the mouth, xylitol to prevent tooth decay and bad breath, tea catechin, etc. are included.

How to use, put about 10 ml in your mouth 20 seconds to 30 seconds Bukhuku, rinse out. Toothpaste is recommended after use, but the coagulse has made it easier to remove the chain of proteins that cause bad breath and bad breath remaining in the mouth, and can also remove proteins with fine interstices It is said to be.

The contents are here. Coaghlush body, measuring cup, and instruction manual are attached.

The core feature of this core gresh is that you can see the dirt in your mouth with your eyes. It is possible to coagulate and remove proteins in the mouth by applying protein caking action of catechin.

Since the capacity is 240 ml, it can be used about 24 times if the use capacity of one time is 10 ml. Liquid is like a color that diluted "Isodin". As a feeling I used, because stimulation is weak, there is no refreshing feeling as compared to Listerine, but in the first place this product is put emphasis on "to solidify protein in the mouth" and its true value is there There is.

Here I compared the mouth wash before use with the mouth wash after use ...... Clicking it makes it clearly visible.

Light fear attacks, "Was it so dirty ...?", But seeing the result visually and knowing the result also leads to motivation to keep on taking care of it afterwards. Also, it seems that there are times when the tooth may be colored after use, this is because catechin ingredients are attached, it is said that there is no problem if you rinse with water or brush your teeth.

◆ Competition F (1050 yen including tax)

Like Listerine, I have been designated quasi-drugs.

Contents is like this.

The ingredients are here.

It has preventive effect on bad tooth disease (gingivitis / alveolar pyorrhea) and bad breath prevention effect.

Here is a type to use diluted with water, drop 5 ~ 10 drops to about 25ml ~ 50ml water, stir and use it. It is effective in a small amount, and it can be used 360 to 700 times with this one.

I will put it in the water. The color is green.

There is no irritation like listerine at all, even people vulnerable to irritation can use it without problems. There is no taste and no aftertaste, but there is a refreshing feeling like after biting the mint gum. There is considerable sustainability in the effect, and if used in the morning, feeling that the inside of the mouth refreshed until about evening, even when we had lunch, continued. Ethanol is included but stimulation is weakened, but while properly saying, it firmly holds down the stickiness in the mouth, it is quite easy to use product. In addition, it seems that colors may be attached to teeth as we continue to use it, but it seems that it will fall due to care such as using toothpaste with abrasive or cleaning at a dental office.

In addition, referring to the price sold at Amazon (as of May 18, 2012), I calculated the cost per one.

"Listerine Total Care": About 18 yen (889 yen, used 50 times)
"Core Greush": About 112 yen (2680 yen, used 24 times)
"Competition F": About 3 yen (1010 yen, used 360 times)

If you go with importance on cost performance, it is a choice of competition F.

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