Free software that converts over 160 programs to HTML · TeX for easy viewing "Highlight"

It is possible to convert the source code of multiple programs at once to easy-to-read coloring, convert to HTML · XHTML · RTF · TeX · LaTeX · SVG · BBCode · XML format,Highlight"is. Installation and operation method is as follows.

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◆ Installation

Click "highlight-setup-3.9.exe" on the above site.

Click "highlight-setup-3.9.exe".

Click "Next".

Please check "I accept the agreement" and click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Install".

Wait about 20 seconds.

Click "Next".

Click "Finish" to complete the installation.

Operation method

"Highlight" operation screen will be displayed after installation is completed.

First, in order to display the source code of the created program on the Highlight operation screen, click "Chose input files" and select "Original file with the source code of the created program" written.

When clicking "Path of source code of created program" displayed, the program source code is displayed on the right side.

To change the display of the source code of the program, click on the "Formatting" tab and select from among 80 kinds of display from the "Color theme" pull-down menu.

The following is a part of the source code display of the program.




To select and save the output format, check "Write to source directories" and select "HTML" from the output format on the "General" tab.

Click "Convert files". This will be saved in HTML format in the same folder as the source code of the original program.

In addition, it is possible to set as many details as adding line numbers and deleting headers and footers.

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