Sweet sesame seeds tangled well with noodles, bamboo "Sesame Darusaku Udon" Tasting Review

In the hot season, if you eat cool and cool, you can refresh your mind and body. Naka urch released from May 9 (Wednesday) "Sesame noodles noodles"Is a cold udon which eats plenty of udon tightly closed with ice water to sesame seeds. The sesame seeds have finished Nagigo, Sugimoto and Miso with bonito sprouts, finished in a mellow and flavorful taste. The climate temperature has also become higher, so I decided to go eat at once if I have to try this.

(PDF)Cool the flavor and rich flavor of sesame and squeeze the rice udon "Umami sesame noza udon" New release!

I arrived inside Naka.

I bought a ticket for "Sesame noodza udon". "New" and "cold" letters are markers.

And here is what I came up with. I will get a cool impression because it comes out as a bamboo.

The left is large (490 yen including tax) and the right is parallel (390 yen including tax).

Flavors and sesame in udon.

This is a sesame seed. It seems to have stolen Negigama, gravel and miso with bonito soup stock. I have plenty of containers and it may be irresistible for people who like sesame.

And a spicy green onion.

Sesame seeds are diluted with soup stock, but because they are dense, they are plentifully covered with noodles.

Savory taste is strongly felt with taste of sesame and it is often entangled with noodles, so the taste of sesame spreads throughout the mouth every time you squeeze noodles. The noodles are cold, there are also quarters and Koshi, the chewiness is perfect. However, the amount of noodles is large in parallel, and it is regrettable that the monotonous sweetness of the sauce gradually becomes persistent. Nevertheless the refreshing sour taste of green onion has become a good accent, and the volume is enough, so there is a response to eating.

As I was going to eat with Mogmog, as soon as I realized that, there was so much that much, nobody gone. It is not too tasty to eat udon left as it is ... ....

So, when I consulted a clerk, I added someone. I'm glad, it was good.

And it is safe to eat. You may want to try this "sesame noodleson" when it gets hit by intense heat and you want a cold one with a slightly strong taste.

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