The No. 1 Energy Drink in the US drunk in more than 57 countries landed "Monster Energy" tasting review

"Monster Energy" brand was released in the United States in 2002 and is an energy drink sold in more than 57 countries including the United States, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia etc. From July 2010 to November 2011 The share in the US Energy Drink category of No.1. Asahi acquired the monopoly sales rights of this "Monster Energy" brand in Japan, "Monster Energy"(190 yen tax excluded) and"Monster Chaos"(190 yen tax excluded) has been released. In recent years, Red Bull and other energy drinks from overseas brands have been released in various ways, but I decided to try out what the content is like.

Asahi Beverage Domestic Exclusive Distribution Rights Acquired! America No.1 Energy Drink "Monster Energy (Monster Energy)"

"Monster Energy" on the left and "Monster Chaos" on the right.

The color is attached to the part of the pull tab, and even these can be distinguished from each other.

Compared to "Red Bull" already familiar in Japan, it is like this. Red Bull 250 ml, "Monster Energy" brand is 355 ml.

First I will look at "Monster Energy".

It seems like a punchy taste to understand by drinking a single mouth.

This is a carbonated drink, which is characterized by containing ginseng extract in addition to L-arginine and L-carnitine which are characteristic of energy drink in raw materials.

Nutrition ingredients are here. The energy per 100 ml is 50 kcal.

The color is like a color like apple juice, with a flavor of carbonic acid, a scent of sweet syrup will drift.

It looks like the taste of "Red Bull", but I feel that a little sweetness is winning. The difference in smell is greater than the taste, while "Red Bull" smells a faint sweetness, "Monster Energy" has a strong sweet scent and also feels a little medicine smell. Carbonic acid is not so strong.

And this is "Monster Chaos". It is said that fruit juice and energy drink are mixed.

It seems that it becomes a taste of a new sense by adding fruit juice.

Fruit juice is 50%, the fruits used are apple, orange, peach, pineapple, grape. And here also Ginseng extract is included.

Nutrition ingredients are here. Energy per 100 ml was "Monster Energy" was 50 kcal, whereas it was 31 kcal.

Pouring it into the cup will start showering and carbon dioxide gas.

It looks like a vegetable juice. Compared with "Monster Energy", the fragrance is thin, and a fruity scent is felt a little. There is not much sweetness like taste like energy drink, it tastes like vegetable juice divided by carbonate. Since it contains fruit juice, the aftertaste is also refreshing and it is considerably easy to drink as an energy drink. I can hardly feel energy drinks, so it is recommended for people who are not good at sweetness that clings to the tongue of energy drinks.

The table below compares two types of "Monster Energy" with "burn", "Red Bull", and "ROCKSTAR (Rock Star)" with the main nutrients per 100 ml. For niacin, "Monster Energy" is top. Regarding caffeine which is worrisome, it is about the same as Red Bull of 40 mg and 185 ml can. And again, it is said that it is effective for diabetes, arteriosclerosis, nourishing tonicGinsengIt contains the extract.

Since "Red Bull" landed in Japan, various energy drinks abroad have appeared one after another in Japan, and the energy drink market is an area where we can keep an eye on from now on. It is a market where not only nutritional ingredients but also brand power and fashionability are emphasized, and I am wondering what kind of lineup will appear in the future.

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