Pioneer will release the world's first car navigation system that will display navigation information in front of the windshield that is likely to appear in the movie from late July

A pioneer issuing a car navigation system "carrozzeria (Cyber ​​Navi)" announced the world's first model for projecting AR (augmented reality) information to the front windshield. Release date is in late July.

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"2012 summer Carrozzeria new product release" was held on May 8, and the world's first AR HUD (head up display) unit equipped car navigation system was announced. Pioneer last year,Carrozzeria equipped with "AR scouter mode" that can display information overlaid on the image through the windshieldWe released a model that newly uses a head-up display there, and this year we will be able to grasp the navigation information while looking at the front rather than the dashboard.

This is a product introduction movie.

Pioneer Cyber ​​Navi AVIC-VH 99 HUD Product introduction - YouTube

Since HUD can display information by overlapping information on the background, it has the feature that it has few time to move the viewpoint and focus, and it is used for some aircraft and automobiles. However, it was an option of a part of a luxury car and it was not so large as a market, and at the bottom of the front window the screen itself was small, only simple letters and figures could be displayed.

As a feature of CyberNavi AR HUD this time, we may be using a laser first. If it is a liquid crystal, it may be lifted white due to the backlight, but realizing high brightness and high contrast by the laser, it is possible to clearly display the image.

Mechanism of AR HUD unit. It is the same principle as scanning of a CRT.

The reason why the image emerges is that if you look at the window of the train at night, it seems that it is the same as the phenomenon that you see as if you float on the far side.

In order to display AR information, highly accurate position recognition technology is necessary, but since this is already realized in CyberNavi, HUD of this time is possible. Moreover, by being attached to the sun visor part, it realizes display to a wide field of view necessary for AR display. Since it will be removing the sun visor at the time of installation, a simple light-shielding plate that is a substitute is also installed. It is expected that installation will be possible in 70% of the current car, and the compatible car list will be released on the site in late May.

In addition, the content of the display has been narrowed to the necessary minimum, so that information can be understood even if it does not look carefully. This is the HUD driver mode.

HUD map mode

HUD Highway Mode

HUD intersection list display

Studies have revealed that they are watching the navigation screen 58 times during 1 hour of operation, and with the appearance of this HUD type, it is expected to lead to more reliable and comfortable driving.

In 2011, Pioneer realized "AR Scouter Mode". This is to superimpose navigation information on the forward image taken with the in-vehicle camera.

In the 2012 edition, speed indicator detection has been added.

Detects the sign while driving and draws for a certain period of time.

Navi can register this on the map, and you can grasp the signs in advance in the next run.

Also improved inductivity.

Expressions of suitability distance between cars are also improving.

Lane movement detection became easier to understand.

A function to check the full and empty information of the parking lot was also attached, but a parking watcher that checks the situation every moment was installed so that it does not happen that "It was full while driving."

You can now check parking information at all times.

In addition, the performance itself is also strengthened, the start time and route search time are also shortened.

This is the real set.

There is no big change in the body part compared with the conventional model.

The overhead kore is a HUD unit.

Looking like this when you actually look in from the driver's seat.

2012/05/08 13:45 Addendum
It is a state of Q & A response.

Impress CarWatch:
Although the viewing distance is 3 m, what is the reason for setting it to 3 m? Also, how many Hz scans are scanned per second?

The reason why we set the viewing distance to 3 m is because the experiment knows that the focal point movement time will be shorter when the distance exceeds 2 m, and it was found that it was easy to see 3 m more than 2 m after testing inside the company. Scan update renewal frequency is updated from 20 Hz to 24 Hz.

TV Tokyo:
How much is the price range supposed?

Is it the case of Cyber ​​Navi? There are 7 models from HUD modeled model to volume zone, HUD is option 100,000 yen. It is the top model that HUD is set as a set, and imagines actual sales of about 320,000 yen. Also, we plan to have around 150,000 yen in the volume zone. The price difference between 1D + 1D type and 2D type is 20,000 yen.

TV Tokyo:
Is this about ten percent higher than a general car navigation system?

Because it is the first time for HUD to appear in the world .... Compared with last year's cyber navi and rank, it is reducing about 20,000 yen. Although the average navigation price of the market is cheap, among the high value-added 8-inch AVN etc, we assume that if you pass AR Scouter or HUD, the market price will be similar. I am proud that it is very cheap if this product of this value cuts out 300,000 yen by pulling them out.

Nikkei Newspaper:
What kind of customers is targeted by HUD?

The target is people who are keenly interested in advanced people, new things because they are persistent users of Cyber ​​Navi.

Nikkei Newspaper:
I think that other companies are also developing HUD, but what is the advantage point?

What is currently on the HUD market is monochrome, there are only things that display simple figures and letters, and such a model is the world first. Currently, other companies may be developing HUDs, but I think that the timing of entering the market is undecided. I think that this is a feature because it is the world's first place where AR information can be overlaid on the actual landscape.

Fuji Television Network, Inc:
Please tell me if you have annual sales target quantity and amount

The number of units scheduled is currently unknown.

I heard that HUD skips information wirelessly, but is it linked with in-house car navigation system? For example, if you link another company's navigation to this device, will it be seen or will it be coming?

There is no plan to connect with other companies. The fact that you are skipping the radio means that you are skipping route information from CyberNavi with Bluetooth, which means it will not move without cyber navigation.

TV Asahi:
Although HUD is characterized by actually laying landscape, I think whether safety is uneasy. How about consideration around that?

As much as possible information about display content is made. Actually, since it overlaps with the landscape, it is shaped to take as much light as possible. I am paying attention to the form not to watch, I adjust the contrast, and limit the number of characters by increasing the font size.

TV Asahi:
Is there no problem with the road traffic law?

Under the Road Road Law, "There is something that does not pay attention to the screen", so it has been careful of it.

2012/05/08 17:08 Add photo
When checking the screen inside the actual car this feeling, Kore is HUD highway mode.

Although it is better to see it in a darker place than a bright place, it does not mean that you can not see Navi because of the daytime. The sign of the red "S" means that it is detecting a red light.

At first it seems a bit strange that route guidance comes out above the line of sight, but as soon as you get used to it, you will not be turning your face to the dashboard, you will be able to finish with a delicate eye movement only, so the degree of safety may be high.

Of course, if you ride at night you will be sure that the atmosphere will be higher. Patient lever and mobile police by peopleM: i: ⅢWill not it come to mind that the near future futuristic navigation system of various movies comes to mind?

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