"Manabi Straight!" The user decides the package illustration of BD-BOX by voting Midterm election announcement in official election

In the package illustration of Blu-ray BOX, Illustrations depicting incoming souls are often used, but released on July 25, 2012Gakuen Yu Pia A Manabi Straight! Blu-ray BOXSo seven kinds of rough drafts have already been completed and luxurious plans are being implemented that use the one that was ranked first in user voting.

StarChild: Ginkgo Yu Pia A Manabi Straight!

In Machi ★ Asobi vol.8, the voting place was actually set up for ufotable CINEMA.

I was able to see a raw rough idea illustration in front of my eyes

I am pondering what number to vote ......

"Blue-ray BOX jacket official election", so it's great to decide on the result of the vote, not as a reference opinion.

The memo drawn carelessly is cute.

A storyboard was supposed to be seen freely.

A small memo was sandwiched here as well.

In the event which took place on May 5, Mr. Mika Inamori's role Ai Nonaka and producer Takahiro Yamanaka announced the interim results of the vote.

The rough draft 1 is "Cherry blossoms are the cherry blossoms we are the cherry blossoms of the sacred cherry!", Five people are shaping cherry blossoms by hand.

Rough proposal 2 "We swore to the sun, straight Go is a living album today and tomorrow." Manabi goes straight on the roof of the school building! doing.

Rough draft 3, "If the aircraft was active, it would have been possible, actually there was a sight scene." Episode 1, if the airboard used in the intense emergence of Manabi was active in the aftermath, it should have appeared such a scene like a slapstick play like this.

Rough proposal 4, "The story of one episode cheerfully and straight, GO - Hen!" Is also a concept similar to 3. The learner who bought a bread is attending school in a hurry.

Rough 5, "Do not forget that day you took a commemorative photo with everyone (at the time of your enrollment)". Five people gathered closely together and took a commemorative photo and Mr. Nonaka seems to like this illustration.

Rough 6, "Do not forget that day you took a commemorative photo with everyone (after graduation)". Here we are wearing a blazer of the sacred cherry blossoms in the shape after everyone graduates.


According to the interim announcement, the rough idea which Mr. Nonaka also was presuming is No. 1 popularity 5. It was that rough draft 6 and rough draft 7 were continuing. The work of No. 1 will be a jacket, but since the other illustrations are cheap, it seems that he thinks he can use it for something.

Not to mention the event, of course, the line representing the work "straight go!" Will be showcased by all.

The voting period is until May 11th. People who are considering purchasing may become a jacket you will get, so please vote for your favorite illustrations.

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