Business card playing melody in music box "Ritornell's business cards"

Speaking of business cards, the person's name and telephone number are written, and it is common to get information from "vision" mainly, but recently I stuck to the texture to impress the opponentIndividual things using "tactile"It is also increasing. However, the business card that I stepped forward from there to the "sound" was "Ritornell's business cards"is. Of course there are names and contacts written, but a slightly strange business card that you can play music as a musical score of a music box is from below.

Richard Eigner

A business card looks like this. this isRitornellIt is the business card of the band named Ritornell 's melody flowing.

There are triangular and round holes, so the music box plays a melody.

Round hole is spelling of RITORNELL.

Site address at the bottom of the score.

Blue music box itself was also specially made and contains the letters of RITORNELL.

It seems that all the business cards are stretched out with Biwy.

This business card was made by a person named Richard Eigner, but when I put the name of Richard Eigner into a business card, it looks like this. The melody will be played properly.

If you divide the score into small pieces you can give it to your opponent as a business card.

The appearance of melody playing from Ritornell's business card is as follows.

Ritornell for Musicbox on Vimeo

I will turn around the lever attached to the side.

This seems to have been triggered by Ritornell 's improvised live crowd bringing each music box to the audience and having them perform. Since it can appeal individually and work content, it plays a role of leaving an impression on the partner perfectly.

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