I went to "Noodle shop Koichi" to eat cocoic "Curry Ramen"

Curry flavored ramenThere are not so many shops where you can eat it compared with shops like soy sauce ramen or pork bone ramen. Both curry and ramen are JapaneseNational foodAlthough it is not an overstatement popular menu, it seems to be difficult to make these two dishes unexpectedly, and there are no shops that have succeeded such as being named nationwide except for instant noodles .

Meanwhile curry rice chain familiar with the nickname of "Kokoichi"Curry House CoCo Ichibune Store"Because it means that we are operating a curry ramen shop only for 4 stores in Aichi Prefecture where we have a headquarter, we decided to go eat actually what kind of taste it is.

The one I visited was "Curry ramen noodle shop here"Ichinomiya Miyaji store.

The appearance is Japanese style. It is a different impression from "Kokoichi" based on yellow.

There is a climb stating "Curry meat soba".

The store logo looks something like this.

The interior is as follows and the table has 20 seats and the counter has 12 seats.

"Curry meat buckwheat (850 yen including tax)" is introduced using the whole menu of the menu.

From 11 o'clock to 15 o'clock on weekdays you can order lunch menu with fried rice set. "Curry meat soba" is also on this page.

Introduction such as topping etc. on the back. And then again "curry meat soba" ... ....

You can choose from soup "Associated" and "Konkaku" from Koteri, and you can choose the type and amount of noodles. Like 'Cocoa' curry rice, you can also adjust the spicy.

Alongside chopsticks and napkins, folding fan is placed for some reason.

Convenient to be caught when it gets hot due to the spicy curry.

In general ramen shop, there is also an unseen Fukushima pickle.

Perforated spoon to scoop only small pieces from the soup.

It is a paper apron to wear so as not to soil the clothes with splashed soup.

When spreading it is like this. An adult man with a height of 175 cm was large enough to use.

◆ curry meat buckwheatPickup (850 yen including tax)

"Curry meat buckwheat" advertised with menus and climbing is as follows. The thickness, the amount of noodles, the spicyness of soup are all ordinary.

The size of the bowl is about this. Because the curve towards the bottom part is slightly gentle, the capacity seems to be a little more than the general ramen bowl.

Soup is sweet and it tastes of curry, but it is hardly spicy when "normal" is chosen. The amount of fat is small enough to float in places, the aftertaste is Assassi.

Noodles are thick and dense. It is a texture close to that used for Nagasaki noodle dish "Champon".

Main ingredient is red meat with 8 to 2 lean beef. While lean fat is melting when put in the mouth, lean remains firmly, so if you bit it with mogmog, the flavor and meat juice of the curry will spread in your mouth and you will be delicious.

When actually eating, as you grab and cook the ingredients and noodles together as follows, the taste of roux (soup) comes out to the front from the taste of each piece.

◆ Friendly curry ramenKoiku (tax included 1070 yen)

"Friendly curry ramen" corresponding to so-called "all shirasen" are as follows. Next time I'm ordering "Dry".

The bowl is deeper and bigger, so the amount of 30% more common ramen is likely to come in.

The soup is pretty drool and it has a viscosity close to the retort curry.

Noodle is similar to "curry meat soba" with a motif. Because it is often entwined with the soup made as a biting, you can feel the flavor and taste of curry firmly.

"Meat miso" entrusted with minced beef and miso.

Because soup contains round chili peppers, there are irritating stimuli from time to time.

Young eggs are yolk and trout. Surprisingly it is perfect for resetting the mouth because you can enjoy the yellow flavor without losing the scent of curry.

Sliced ​​raspberries are 4 pieces. It does not go far enough to melt it, but it is cooked softly.

The scent of laver is also quite punchy and it is strong enough to eat the soup and eat it but the flavor of curry disappears.

At first, although it contains corn cut butter, it melts in soup and it does not feel existence when eating.

Enter sprout and corn.

The amount is small, but others are only soft, so it is a good stimulus for the taste of corn and spicy bean sprouts.

I found cabbage from the soup.

If you actually eat, you will bring the ingredients and noodles together in the mouth.

Drinking soup is pretty flabby when asked for dryness, but if you use a spoon with holes, you can scoop to leave only the ingredients.

So, the curry noodle of "noodle shop Ichiichi" is not finished taste that is odd, it is a finish that is widely accepted for the general taste of the general Japanese, and it seems that it will not be surprising when nationwide deployment starts level. In the near future, it may be time to eat curry noodles in your neighbor wherever you live in Japan.

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