The movie "SubWars" a grandfather wears a lightsaber on an adult partner with bad manners on the subway

Although the grandfather came aboard the full subway, no adults sitting on the priority seats gave up their seats .... Ordinarily it is likely that the grandfather says that "My recent young ones ... ..." sighs here, but what if Grandfathers use lightsaber? Anime say "SubWars"is. The grandfather 's movie that fell to the dark side which is going to beat down adults who do not protect manners by subway is from below. Please note that browsing is cautioned because some of the cruel splatter descriptions are included in the movie.

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To the fully occupied subway ......

My grandfather came aboard

Priority seat mark

However, there are already people in the seats.

Even though my grandfather passes in front, everyone knows

Other seats also

I do not know this either.

A sigh who puts a sigh

Even when a boy tries to give her seat,

I will be pushed back by my mother

I tried resistance but my mother did not bother me

Then the old man ......

I will take out the lightsaber.


A lightsaber approaches the head of a man who turns his face ......

Blood splashes will jump

An old man wearing a newspaper pretending to sleep also gets stabbed


Even trying to escape,

When my grandfather smoothes his / her hand

It will be blown away by the Force

People who start frightening the scene of surroundings that is steadily being knocked down, starting prayers.

However, an unforgiving blow from his grandfather

To blow off

I will fight with an umbrella and a triangle ruler

It will be defeated easily

Everyone holding a gun ... ...


But it is easily truncated

Then, the battle scene started with music from here.

Lost Metro

Grandfather emits Force Lightning while flying in the sky

And an explosion

I think that it is unavailable to many people

My grandfather is totally scary

Even if it gets attacked, grandfather, go away




And blow it away


Even if I have a lot of opponents at the same time, I will not lose

And an explosion

And the stage again to the subway

A person like a rasp boss with a musical instrument as its weapon stands out

I can not see the situation of fighting ... ...

Musical instruments like rasp bosses are being swooped in the blast

, The picture switches to the scene where the boy drops the book with the subway

"That?" That's right, all the story up until now was the story that the boy is reading. I'm glad that it was good.

When a boy tried to take a book that fell ... ...

A familiar grandfather in front of me

For priority seats

Adults doing a challenge to his grandfather ......

And the picture goes to the same angle as the beginning of the animation ......


It will become clear what will happen to the interior of the subway after seeing it until after credit. It is a 4th grade student at the China Hair Graduate University Movement AcademySean soong (Song Shun)It is a famous character of Chinese anime that is fighting the grandfather with the work of. Song Shun's favorite movieSTAR WARSIt is said that they used them in the process while respecting the ancient Chinese animation. The theme of this animation is "Manner problem of Chinese subway". Certainly, after finishing watching it is a finish that seems to give up his seat if he sees an old man in the subway car.

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