Although I feel bad feeling only by the name "strawberry curry", I tried to eat it with diligent courage

Speaking of staple items of retort curry ingredients, meat, potatoes, carrots, onions, etc. I found a retort curry that somehow I used strawberries. Nagai Garden's "Strawberry curry"(525 yen including tax) decided to eat what kind of taste it is, by using the strawberry" Tochio-Tokime "of Tochigi specialties to match the spicyness of curry and the sourness of strawberries with sweetness.

☆ [Tochigi Limited !!] "Strawberry Curry" (Used by Moka Produce Tatami) ☆

House food "Fruche"Package that pushes strawberries to the front as much as I think is" Ichigo's curry ".

Production volume of strawberry Using "Tocho Tome" produced in Tochigi Prefecture, Moka boasts the best in Japan.

Characters of "strawberry curry" also on the side.

Raw materials are here. Strawberry puree ...... I feel something suspicious.

It is a nutritional ingredient.

Cooking methods are also described. Like a common retort curry, I warm with hot water.

It is about 5 minutes to warm up with hot water.

It was completed. The appearance is completely ordinary curry, and the smell is also ordinary curry itself.

There are not any unusual points in the item, I can not see the strawberries.

Even if I examine various items, strawberry seems not to be still ... ....

I thought, "I found it!" It was a carrot, sorry.

Apparently, as strawberry bureaus, Ichigo seems to be grinded and blended into Ru. Indeed, it is not looks, but to feel the strawberries with taste.

This texture made with a spicy scent spreading in the mouth at the moment and vegetables such as potatoes as hokkehoku is so, the taste of ordinary curry. "It's like curry or not? When you conscious that it is "strawberry curry", you can feel the taste of a little acidity, but it is not enough to identify the taste of strawberry. And further sharpening nerves, it is possible to feel the tsubutubu feeling of strawberry.

The impact of the package tends to be strong and excessive expectation, but there is not such a taste that strawberries are intact as it says "Photo is an image." However, it is likely that it becomes a retort curry which can enjoy the comic of high completeness depending on the "Tsukkomi" of people who eat when thinking that the package is "grip" in comic style and the ordinaryness of taste is "boke".

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