Electric kettle made of a heat-resistant glass that allows the necessary amount of hot water to boil quickly "Power kettle 2" review

A small electric water heater that boils hot water of Atsuazu just by putting water and connecting with an outlet is convenient for drinking tea or making instant noodles. Compared with an electric pot, the heat retention performance is inferior, but it is attractive that the maintenance is lucky, and also the place to put it is not taken. So in the editorial department it is said to be the only manufacturer in Japan possessing a heat-resistant glass factoryHario grass"Power kettle"I used it from 2006, but that new model"Power kettle 2Since it was on sale, I actually decided to purchase it and try using it.

The package looks something like this.

Specifications are as follows. Power consumption is 1,200 watts and it is possible to boil up to 1.2 liters of hot water. The minimum boiling capacity is about 0.5 liters.

The contents are the main body, power supply plate, instruction manual etc.

Taking it with the hand of an adult man with a height of 175 cm looks like this. The weight in the state without hot water is about 1 kilo.

To open the lid, you need to press the lock button.

It opens with a spur and looks like this. Since filters are attached to the pouring spout, it is possible to put tea leaves etc directly into the dozadosa.

The bottom is as follows. The round terminal at the center is for supplying power from the power supply plate.

The power plate is like this. Since the length of the cord is about 1.3 meters, you can connect even if there is only one outlet away from the table.

The power cord can be wound around the bottom of the plate for storage. If the cord is wastefully wasted, it will cause it to spill water spillingly, so it is a device that leads to improved safety.

When I actually put in water it looks like this.

Heating starts when the switch under the handle is raised.

It can be boiled in about 6 minutes and 30 seconds for 1.2 liter of water. After boiling, the switch is turned off automatically so that heating stops.

Try putting in tea like this. Because it is made of glass, smell migration does not occur much.

It is a bit inconvenient that the main body must be almost upright if it does not have enough contents to complete it.

Since the mouth is made larger, you can wash the inside with a male hand by pushing the shoes.

In the environment of room temperature about 20 degrees, it can be confirmed in the following movie that boiling 500 ml water for about 2 minutes 30 seconds.

I tried using a heat resistant glass electric kettle "Power kettle 2" - YouTube

For lifestyle men who wake up in the morning and only boil water after going home at night, this electric kettle should be better than an electric pot that keeps warming. Also, unlike electric pots and metal electric water heaters that keep warm keeping for a long time by leaving hot water inside, we want to secure only the amount to use immediately, as hot water does not have a unique smell, It is perfect for those who say.

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