The first nationwide arrest went out by the surveillance operation of the flying unmanned aircraft

By Gerald L Nino

A family of six people was arrested for stealing six cattle in North Dakota State but the evidence that triggered the arrest was called by an unmanned aerial photographer.

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Although it is an unmanned machine originally developed for military purpose, it is now being operated in police and firefighting, and commercial use is supposed to be lifted in 2015 as well. The price of the unmanned aircraft is not much different from the police vehicle that was used conventionally, it is inexpensive compared with the helicopter, and the introduction is promoted due to reasons such as preventing the secondary disaster when operating as a situation check of the fire site It is done.

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The incident occurred in the summer of 2011. In a small town called Lakota in North Dakota State, three cows and three calves strayed into a 3000 acre farm run by the Brossarts family. Kelly Janke 's sheriff of the Grand Forks police in charge of the neighborhood were chasing cows, but cows entered the pastures of the Brossarts family decided to give up tracking. Rodney Brossart, a rancher, suspected that cattle should be possessed by the rancher, and with his two sons drove the sheriff with a rifle.

Meanwhile, sheriffs and others decided to arrest Rodney and others not to report that livestock straying. I immediately contacted a nearby Grand Forks Air Force Base and ordered an unmanned plane. On the Grand Forks Air Force Base is an unmanned aircraft on patrol of the US Canadian border (MQ-9 reaperAlthough I am using), as Grand Forks police do not have a helicopter deployed, it seems that it is supposed to call OK when necessary.

In this movie, cases such as what kind of unmanned aircraft actually is used and what kind of picture can be taken are reported.

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With this drone, Janke 's sheriff monitored the situation inside the farm, waiting until Brossart left the weapon. Meanwhile Grand Forks police arranged an investigation warrant, organized the SWAT team and headed to the ranch. And after 16 hours, the SWAT team rushed into the ranch and arrested Brossart and three sons for theft of cattle and intimidation against the sheriff (ultimately arresting six families).

Brossart suspects that this SWAT team rushed was a "clear" illegal act by the use of the drone. Meanwhile, the authorities have argued that the use of the drone was a support to safely do SWAT's inroads and arrests after a search warrant was issued.

John Villasenor specializing in collecting information by drone at the Brookings Institute said that unmanned aircraft are similar to helicopters and if the court seems to dismiss the case, "This case may have been arrested for the first time by an unmanned aerial vehicle, but this will not be the last case," he continued.

By the way, the Brossart family seems to be a family known as an anti - governmentist locally.

The government has to issue permission to use the unmanned aircraft to the authorities by 14th May, and about 300 authorities and research teams including the SWAT team at Grand Forks currently have temporary use permits.

Given the response to thugs, there are cases where monitoring with such an unmanned aircraft is effective, but some voices are fearing arbitrary operation from the viewpoint of privacy protection. Ultimately, will the unmanned aircraft fly around the highway and hunt for cars that are speeding off in places where speed monitoring equipment is not installed?

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