Robots and balloons that were three-dimensionalized with reality as if they were living a dinosaur

Robots and balloons reproducing the dinosaurs with huge kiba and horn at the level of reality that faints in darknessEvent JAPAN 2012As I was exhibiting at that time, I took the details.

The dinosaur type robot and the balloon were originally producedON-ARTCompany called.

The dinosaurs appeared in the event etc. and displayed, it seems that they are doing business trip performances and leasing.

The gray "Tyrannosaurus" is about 3.8 meters high and about 8 meters in length. Compared with human beings on the right side of the picture, I can understand its enormity.

Because it is very finely color-coded, it seems that the scales are actually on in the distance.

It is real because the transparent parts are used in the eyes.

Sharp teeth.

It is like this.

Although it was only exhibition at the venue, in fact it is possible to walk and open mouth about 5 km / h. You can check the appearance that Hollywood movie storms are raging due to the power of about 1 / 8th of a movie the company is uploading to YouTube.


"Young Allosaurs No. 2" is about 2.8 m in total height, about 6 m in total length and slightly smaller.

Still, compared with humans, it is about this size.

Looking from the side like this.

There is a sense of intimidation that makes you afraid even if you know that the robot is the one with the head in front.

Sharp teeth like a knife.

The protrusions on the eyes, which is characteristic of Allosaurus, are well reproduced.

It has three sharp three key claws.

You can check from the following movie about 13 seconds that the full power impression of eating at the camera by spinning the end of the tail.

[DINO-A-LIVE] Allosaurus - YouTube

"Triceratops" is an infinitely variable balloon that inflates with air and is about 2.7 meters in total height, about 7.5 meters in total length and slightly smaller than "Tyrannosaurus", but the volume is large and powerful full marks because it is four legs.

There is no sense of henhaena that tends to be in balloons, Sharp till the end of a horn.

The pupil is transparent and shines like a spirit going through.

The whole part from the state of the air escaping to the point of swelling and rising can be seen in the following movie.

Balloon Triceratops - YouTube

By the way, I started making the moving dinosaurs when the company's representative, Kanemaru Kanayu once saw the dinosaur figure 's exhibit "I want you to move dinosaurs after all" as a trigger. Details are summarized also on the company's website, but I am amazed by the non-hampered behavior power that actually realizes that thought through trial and error.

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