Aluminum foil cleaning method which dramatically drops gum stains of gas stove and frying pan

Aluminum foilIt seems that it is quite natural for people who know that using ginkgo in the kitchen can be dangerous, but if you actually try it you could get rid of dirt with the power that goes considerably above So I will report on all the details.

IH cooking heater used in the kitchen for cleaning this time.

There are also things you use cooking in various ways, fried chicken is finished just by baking in a frying pan "Fried without raising"articleThe dirt that stuck to the creation of 3 months still remained.

I cleaned it quite carefully with detergent and sponge immediately after it got dirty, but this is the limit. There is something like seasoning spilled and "burdened".

Just to be sure again I challenge cleaning with a sponge.

Even if I try to rub it for quite a while and then for about 1 minute ... ....

Dirt remains as follows.

If you look closely, it says in the upper left of the heater "Please attach a liquid cleanser to the top plate stuck dirt, scrape with rolled lap or aluminum foil".

This time we used a very ordinary aluminum foil as below.

Pull out about 10 cm and cut it.

It is recommended because it makes it easy to grasp easily by putting things that become core such as kitchen paper in aluminum foil.

With this kind of feeling, it will be about a little smaller than the tennis ball.

In addition, there is a liquid cleanser and it is Kampeki. There is no problem with powder detergent or dishwashing detergent.

Hang the cleanser on the ball shaped aluminum foil.

And only rub the dirt. If it says that no force is required at all, it will be a lie, but the power of women and children is no problem level.

It takes about 3 minutes. After polishing up, wipe off the cleanser with kitchen paper OK.

Before cleaning, the surface that was dirty has regained the same sparkle as a new one.

Even if you shoot in close-up shots, you can not see any dirt at all.

It is shiny.

Next time I will try to use it for burnt-out of the frying pan.

With such a feeling, a black trace remains in Ganko.

I tested again whether the dirt falls with a sponge.

Trying rubbing with Goshigoshi does not have much effect.

There is no problem even if you use liquid cleanser etc, but this time I will try using baking soda as it's no problem.

Sprinkle with an amount of about 1 teaspoon and smooth.

Then rub it with goshigoshi with aluminum foil.

Then, the dirt turns into black water and comes out.

Then wash it off with water OK.

It is becoming shiny with such feeling.

It is also shiny in the up.

People suffering from dirty gangs in the kitchen etc. are recommended cleaning methods.

In addition, this method can be used not only for IH cooking heaters but also for gas stove, pan, kettle, frying pan etc as usual. Things that have been subjected to special surface processing are not recommended because they will cause scratches, but if you check the handling instructions etc and rub it with cleanser or steel wool, it should not be a problem if it is OK product. If you still feel uneasy, we recommend that you use it for full-scale dirt removal after scratching the inconspicuous spots with aluminum foil to make sure that there are no scratches.

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