Tripod "VCT-MP1" review that can be used with three lengths deformed and united by Sony Review

A Sony made tripod that supports the camera with a unique shape like a microphone stand used by a singer "VCT-MP1(Direct sales tax included 10,811 yen) "is lightweight than a general tripod, while the stability is higher than a single leg, it is a product of uri. I do not want to carry a heavy tripod, but it seems to be useful when there are many opportunities to shoot in telephoto, so I decided to borrow a real machine and try out usability. The name of this product by the company is "multi pot", but since it has a short leg, since it has three legs, we will treat it as "tripod" in the article.

◆ Photo review

The size when stored is about 58.5 cm.

Up to about 1 meter 53 centimeters can be extended.

Incidentally, the general tripod is as follows and weight tends to increase instead of high stability.

"VCT-MP1" is about 923 grams actually measured.

Meanwhile, a tripod of the same length has 1869 grams and it has more than twice the weight.

When turning the legs clockwise, the lock loosens and the length becomes adjustable steplessly, turning it counterclockwise will lock it and you can fix it with your preferred length.

The upper part of the leg is covered with a material like a sponge, making it less slippery when gripping.

The camera head (the part to put the camera) is like this.

I turn the screws aside ... ....

You will be able to change the angle of the platform freely. This part has the same structure as the ball joint used in figure joints etc. It is possible to point the camera in all directions.

The screws that attach the camera are like this.

By turning the lever, it is possible to remove each table.

Turn the screws with coins and keys to attach to the camera.

When I try installing the video camera, it looks like this.

A digital single lens reflex camera can also be mounted without problems.

The part of the leg is like a tripod of a miniature version. The following pictures are the one with the narrowest open legs.

The angle can be adjusted in 3 steps by sliding the slider.

The opening leg of level 2 is about this size.

It is like this when opening up to 3.

Furthermore, you can extend the leg by twisting the tip clockwise.

When it extends to the longest it becomes like this.

The part of the three legs is fixed with the screw with screws so you can remove it by turning it counterclockwise.

Remove the rubber feet attached to the main body ... ....

When attached to the tip ... ....

It can also be used as a monopod.

The weight of this state is about 567 grams.

Merging the pan head with the lower part will also be a compact tripod.

The weight of this condition is about 502 grams.

◆ I actually shot

The purpose of using a tripod is to fix the camera in one direction for a long time, of course, preventing one's camera shake is also an important purpose. So when shooting with "VCT-MP1", I checked how stable a picture can be taken compared to the hands and the results are as follows.

Experiment with placing the camera on the river.

Just placing a tripod on the camera causes the camera to shake with the influence of the wind, so we shoot with the camera weighing a tripod while holding it gently with the hands.

First of all, when I tried with the wide angle where the image stabilized mostly, I was able to take a stable image without feeling almost shaking. In addition, all the tests that check for blurring below are done by turning off camera shake compensation of the camera body.

Try stability of Sony made tripod "VCT-MP1" - Wide-angle version - YouTube

When photographing with the maximum telescope of optical 10 times, shake has occurred slightly, but it is a picture of the level which can bear the viewing.

Try stability of Sony made tripod 'VCT-MP1' - Telephone version - YouTube

By the way, if you take the maximum telephoto with your hand without using a tripod, you can see examples that the image will be vibrated and the image will not be able to see very much.

Example that camera shake occurs if you shoot a movie without a tripod - YouTube

If you hold the tripod upside down, you can also do ultra low angle shooting as the camera moves the ground slide.

Please check below for an example that this kind of video can be taken when actually shooting at low angle.

I tried low angle shooting with Sony's tripod "VCT-MP1" - YouTube

With the tripod fully extended, you can take pictures with a bird's eye view from a height close to 3 meters by shooting the bottom like pushing up towards the sky.

You can also take a slightly different impression of the familiar scenery, such as looking down from the viewpoint higher than usual and reflecting the people going far from the umbrella.

I tried taking a bird's-eye view video with Sony's tripod 'VCT-MP1' - YouTube

In addition, low angles and bird's-eye view can be taken using a general tripod, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to handle around because you have to grasp the three legs together.

Because "VCT-MP1" seems to be easy to use when there are many opportunities to photograph using telephoto while traveling around various places in event shoots, athletic meetings, travel destinations, etc., those who are planning to shoot in such situations Please check it.

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