The 2channel management company is a paper company, or the director does not know 2channel

The biggest bulletin board site "2 Channels" on the Internet,Transferred from Hiroyuki of the first administrator to a mysterious company "PACKET MONSTER INC. (Packet Monster)"It was in January 2009 that it was done. Although I do not know exactly what kind of company this packet monster in Singapore is, even if Hiroyuki was sued, since the management company itself was overseas, it was the basis that it would be okay, but the Yomiuri Shimbun It was revealed that there was no entity in the company by local coverage of the company.

2channel management company, entity none ... operated in Japan: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

This news was published in the Yomiuri Shimbun.

Meanwhile, the opening of the nuclear safety summit in Osaka head office version (14th edition) is the top one, and 2 -channel related articles are not included in it.

It was on January 2, 2009 that Hiroyuki announced that it transferred 2 chan to this packet monster company.

2 ch assignment: Hiroyuki @ open SNS

Even at GIGAZINE at that time, I was surprised at this news, I tried to thoroughly investigate what kind of company this packet monster is handling.

2 Channel breaks from Hiroyuki to a mysterious company "PACKET MONSTER INC." And finishes its identity - GIGAZINE

Various speculations about this mysterious company "PACKET MONSTER INC." Are flowing, and the state has only to wait for any announcement from Hiroyuki himself.

If you examine the domain information of, it is updated on January 1, 2009, and you can confirm that the owner is certainly changed. Apparently "PACKET MONSTER INC." Seems to be a company located in Singapore. Domain administrator is "DHANVANTRAY, RAGINI", and this person is probably holding some key.

And, as a result, it reached the "RIKVIN CONSULTANCY PTE LTD" registration agency company. The person named "DHANVANTRAY, RAGINI" who was in charge of the domain of 2 ch also knew that he was enrolled in this RIKVIN company, which was "This was ...?"?

I investigated "2 ch transfer to overseas company" in detail. - iemoto BLOG

So, after taking the register of RIKVIN CONSULTANCY PTE LTD, "correct answer" (!). That is, "President of RIKVIN, a company founded on behalf of the company + the president of a substitute company for directors and" DHANVANTRAY, RAGINI ", the president of the company, PACKET MONSTER INC. PTE. LTD., This 2 ch transfer destination are the same person understood.

The Yomiuri Shimbun reportedly told DHANVANTRAY of RIKVIN Inc. that he talked about 2channel, but the answer was "I'm a secretary of more than 2000 companies, I do not know the business of each company at all" . Efendi · Ahmed Hallis · Merican, who is supposed to be a director of Packet Monster, also said, "I just did not know the bulletin board that I was asked and became an officer by 2 chance" It seems to be.

In recent years, there have been cases of buying and selling illegal drugs on the Internet, and many bulletin boards and web services have responded to requests for deletion from the authorities, but 2 chan has a unique deletion culture,Deletion request guidelineThere was a case where it did not respond even if it was a request from a company unless it was in accordance with. Therefore, the police are conducting a compulsory investigation that 2 chan is damaging the soundness of the net.

Painful news (No ∀ `): Metropolitan Police Department, Forced Investigation of 2 Channels ..." 2 Channels Impair the Soundness of the Net "- Livedoor Blog

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