To improve communication speed between Tokyo and London by laying submarine optical fiber cable across the Arctic Ocean


The communication speed between Tokyo and London which took 230 milliseconds will improve to 168 msec. It is thought that the optical fiber used will be the longest cable in the world as a single one.

Fiber optics to connect Japan to the UK - via the Arctic - tech - 20 March 2012 - New Scientist

Arctic Cable CompanyThere are three cables to be laid, two run around the North American North American coastNorthwest Passage, One along the coastline of RussiaArctic sea routeIt is about to go through.

The cable via Northwest Route will be installed like this

Difficult construction is expected from sea ice and icebergs in cable laying work in the Arctic Ocean, but Denis Tsesarenko, director of cable installation at the Russian side, said cable installation is still a big advantage.

Between Taiwan and the PhilippinesLuzon StraitsAnd between Indonesia and MalaysiaStrait of MalaccaIn the political unstable Middle Eastern region such as the landslide and the ship hooked the weapon, the cable was disconnected and the Internet temporarily discontinued, but in the Arctic Ocean Troll It is rare for a fishing boat to come and a ship to drop down, so once it is installed it is safe.

If this 15,600 kilometer cable that penetrates the Arctic Ocean from Canada Toronto is connected, the communication speed between Tokyo and London will improve from the current 230 ms to 168 ms. Since 1 millisecond is a thousandth of a second, the shortened transfer time is negligible, but Doug Cunningham president says that it should bring significant benefits for traders. In order to maintain the signal strength on the cable, an amplifier is installed every 100 km from 50 km.

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