Michael Bay remakes "Turtles" with an alien setting

Film Production Company led by Michael Bay The Platinum Dunes has decided to produce a new work of "Ninja Turtles", but as its basic setting, drawing the Turtles as an alien (an alien) himself / herself It became clear from the mouth of.

Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aliens? | PopWatch | EW.com

Platinum Dunes is a movie production company established by Michael Bay in 2001 with Brad Fuller and Andrew Form and has been published in "Texas · Chainsaw" released in 2003, "13th Friday ", published in 2010" Elm Street Nightmare "and so on. Both of these were remake of past horror movies, but the new work scheduled to be released at Christmas 2013 is "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot", "Teenage · Mutant · Ninja · TurtlesIt will be a remake of.

About this work that is not a horror movie, Michael Bay attended Nickelodeon's presentation, "When you watch this movie, children think that one day the Turtles will appear," and "Turtles is an alien People), tough, cutting edge, funny, perfectly adorable. "

In the original setting, the Turtles are supposed to be transformed by the fact that four child turtles fell into the sewers and touched the medicine called Mutanger Jen, and in particular it has nothing to do with the universe.

Dr. Sprinter, a martial art teacher of the Turtles, is slightly different in setting with the original comic and two anime versions, and the original and new animation (broadcasted in 2003 in the United States in Japan and broadcasted in Japan in 2007) in Japan The mouse kept in a ninja artist was transformed by the power of Mutangerjen, but in the 1987 version animation (which was broadcast in 1991 and 1993 to 1995 in Japan), he lives with a mouse in sewerage It is set that the martial artist is transformed as a mouse with the power of Mutangerjen. It is unknown what happens to Professor Sprinter in this work.

Opening picture of 1987 animation animation. The figure of the Turtles is drawn comically, and it was titled "Idol Ninja Turtles" when broadcasting on NHK satellite.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Intro - YouTube

The 2003 animation is like this. The eyes of the Turtles became to be drawn with only white eyes, become close to Americomity, the personality has also changed slightly, but the light nori has not changed.
[Karaoke] TMNT Japanese Opening 1 - YouTube

In 2007, the movie "TMNT" was produced with CG animation, but it was never published in theaters in Japan. It was supposed to have been not bad in the time as the thing that imported the above-mentioned 2003 animation was broadcasted in 2007 ... ....

On EW.com's setting "Turtles is an alien" this time, "Michael Bay may produce the biggest nightmare of making comics into a movie," commented. In the media mix the setting of the original will be worsened, the so-called "Original rapeWhether or not it will become, it is where the fans' reactions are waited for when the images actually come out.

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