Ameba pig under 15 years of age use regulations over 20,000 comments rushing in the great flames

"For those young people to enjoy ameba pigs safely and securely, after April 24, 2012, we have decided to set usage restrictions on some functions of pigs for those under 15 years old" By doing so, almost all restrictions are not overstated, so regulations will be executed, ameba Pig 's official staff blog commented in the blog posting in the blaze that seems to be under the age of 15 is in flames.

[Important Notice] About use of Ameba Pig / Pig Life by people under 15 years old | Ameba Pig Staff Blog

The regulated content is as follows.

【Function to be restricted】

▼ PC version Ameba pig
· Odekake to all areas (fishing, all areas including casinos)
· Both Pig and other Pigs entering the room
· Pigs to their rooms and other entry of pigs
· Function to go to the same place (a function to move to the same place as other pigs, such as a pig)
· Also apply for pig
· Pig and Search
· Sending and receiving gifts
· Invite your friends
· The room has arrived
· Goodpig
· Challenge card
· Event function
· Pigtalk transmission and reception (unavailable after 18 years old from the start of function)

▼ Pig Life
· Odekake to all areas
· Both Pig and other Pigs entering the garden
· Pigs to your own garden and other pigs entering
· Also apply for pig
· Assistance
· Kikoru
(※ Emily entering the garden, can help you)

A part of the voice of the comment column for this regulation is like this.

19086 ■ This is terrible!

Why only 15 years old?
Please look carefully.
Adults who decided to be nice
Just asking children
I will discriminate.
This is terrible, is not it?
Such a person
You only have to ban it
Are you doing dressing up or changing over in the room under the age of 15?
Seriously meaningless

Oret-sister 2012-03-13 20:25:34

19087 ■ Untitled

fuck you

Things you've done so far
What are you doing?

It is the same as a fraud ヽ (`Д ') ノ

Outing function
Mj no w

I will not be able to see my friends.

Tk anything but anything
It's safe.
If it is safe to do anything
Is it good?

Do not mess around with me

Even if you are 15 years old or younger
It is useless?

A lot of people
With new e-mail address
Pig's age over 15
Many people will do it

In other words it does not make sense w

After changing tk function
People who never do it w

Even if this is said to everyone
If you do not correspond
Can you even appeal to the police? Ww

A person

Safe and safe
Become a child's position
Think about it.

Have you ever thought about that?

You guys
The answer I was worrying about
If this

The worst answer is w

Please think again
۩۞۩ ஜ☣ ஜ☣ † ___ MALE † ۩۞۩ ۩۞۩ 2012-03-13 20:25:36

19123 ■ Untitled

More than 10 people in 29 classes ameba doing

You understand parents' approval

Does that mean I trust ameba a bit?

Why would you be stupid like this?

It's the worst

I also understand the feelings of people under 15 years old.

From 12 years old
Claire 2012-03-13 20: 26: 25

19126 ■ Untitled

The second rice.
At Shimune wmj w
Trending too much w
I wonder what kind of world will be in the future to deprive children of hope, fun - ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー!
In spite of that, both p friends and Lia friends were talking with each other w
What are you thinking about?
You amoeba management company ゎ Are you brainstorming?
Does not one person say 'I think that it would be better to stop it?'

Think about the feeling of the charger! Is it?
It's a good fraud ('◉ ◟ 4 ◟ ◉)

Apologize Do not hold a press conference! It might be funny! It is! It is!
Do you also charge it at Ita Den - ♡
Mountain of the Chimoko @ Small fungus 2012-03-13 20: 26: 2

19133 ■ Untitled

Why did you regulate such?
If you do this
There are no people doing pigs.
Clearly I will stop stopping such a fucking horny!
I think that everyone think so.
I do not know what I do at all!
I can not get out of my house any longer,
I can not meet my friends,
Such a life is boring!
What is ameba pig!
What is your alter ego!
Do not be silly!
I am no longer my own alter ego!
It's just a solitary chat game!
If regulation is continued as it is
I will quit the pig!
Goodbye! (¯∩¯ #
Hanbun Hunter 2012-03-13 20:26:42

20477 ■ Untitled

You guys are really horny!
I was doing my best with blogging! It is!
Casino as well!
What exceeds 10 million people, 20 million people? Kora!
You know, I do not feel well!
In May it is not ameba pig or something else
Oh yeah that's right w
Temme etc. betrayed me etc!
Even this kudzu is also,
The guys who are over by 16 or more!
You guys can not do anything too! It is!
Since I am going to disappear ameba in less than a year w
Mi ☆ Natsu ☆ ☆ 彡 2012-03-13 20: 53: 19

20479 ■ Untitled

I can understand to defend, but I can not get together with the rear if this limit is done.
Ameba really makes you restrict so much
Tk I can not go out and go out
I'm saddley over 15 years old
Is it no good?
It will be amoeba from 24
People under 15 are sorry, are not they
Tk I'm self satisfied.
That's it.
Magma Sajak Maji Saiku Maji Saiku Maji Saku Maji Saiyaku Majin Sawyak Sawyak Majay Saiyaku Maji Saijyaki Maji Saiyaku
*. ♡ Ruelle ♡ 【Mimi】 * ·. 2012-03-13 20:53:20

20485 ■ Dead Ameba

Some functions are written and it is almost all the features, it's blurred! It is!
Death can be died Death monkey dead dying dead dying dead dead ameba ♪
CM ameba's CM! It is! I do not feel well! It is! It is!
I'm talking about adults to kids on the CM,
Only adults! It is! Boku! Kas! Die!
I wish bankruptcy ☆ Ameba staff also disappear! It is! Kasu
I went bankruptly and I lost my job www Barker! It is! It is! It is!
Ameba company hates the company Ameba dislikes from humans
Marines 26 2012-03-13 20:53:27

20499 ■ Untitled

Please think again.
Why, under 15 years old, with pig
Do not you have to make friends ??
Why do you increase the number of functions you can not use ??
What for you, Pigu?

Members are increasing, too, people under the age of 15,
Because it is because I registered as a member ??
That neighborhood. Please think thoroughly.

We really love pigs.
Please do not take it.
☆ Mick & Chaoh ☆ 2012-03-13 20: 53: 34

20508 ■ Untitled

Please think again

Well then
I can not do anything with pigs

Honestly I'm awesome unlucky

I can not do anything like Pig and Pigreife
I can not clear quests Pig Life something
Pigs and something entered the community
Even though I made it, it was all pa

Please think again

Vacuum 2012-03-13 20: 53: 4

20523 ■ Ameba Pig is Dameba Pig! It is! Is it? Is it?

Why did you make such a rule! Is it?
Please think about your child's feelings for a moment! It is!
Always adult only ~ (~ ((- - -;)
Why are you going to do so much?
I do not know the meaning · · ·
Besides, was not there a part of the function? It is almost all part of the place ~ ヽ (`Д ') ノ terrible ~ · ° · (ノ Д`) · ° ·
Besides, why are we under 15 years old?
Please let me at least be 10 years old ~ (¯ ¯ ¯)
However, Kisekae, it will be a game where you can shop so much ... it is boring ~
If I still do it, I will withdraw. · · ·
Airi ☆. ·. ·. 2012-03-13 20:54:03

20524 ■ Untitled

Anyway what a child says
You ignore me.
Dirty guy wwwww
Just wandering in the room? Is it?
Fucking ks
Just take the money and finish
I do not mean doing it www
I tried hard and saved up to now
Casino doll and fishing p
What? Is it? Is it? Is it?
Part 1 function?
What? Is it? Is it? Is it?
It's stupid, is not it
All functions
Duck Dameba www
You got it messed up
Is not it better not to have this?
Ton punch tones 2012-03-13 20:54:03

21134 ■ The meaning is unknown (° д °)

Why are you doing this?

Is it discrimination perfect?

What about the charger?

The chargeers are

I want everyone to see fashion,

I want to compliment,

I want to show off to my room,

Make a cool room

I want to see it,

I think that way.

Ameba san regulated this time

It's almost all the function, right?

To people under 15 years of age

What are you going to do?

Even adults alone may be OK

Because children do not have problems, they are annoying.

Such as interference with business

Are you thinking?

Even if regulated by Coco,

Setting of 15 years old or over

Just make a subpig?

I think that it has no meaning at all.

People who can make subpigs are nice,

People who can not make

It's just poor.

Please reconsider.

Everyone can not enjoy it.

For everyone,

To be safe and secure to use

Is not that a lie?

Do you only have safety issues at the mind?

Please think more about the user.
* Emperor Penguin * 2012-03-13 21: 06: 30

21120 ■ Please listen to the public and everyone of the Ameba staff

Everyone in Ameba Staff is always indebted to you. It is a Ryujin - burning.
At the beginning I am under 16 years old.
As you all know, it is still my child's opinion, so please do not speak ill of me if it is an opinion different from mine.
First of all, I am ameba, so far I've worked so hard, I thought that was wonderful, I also raised the company by myself, a lot of people around the world like Ameba I want to be a company to use,
I thought. Such a foolish dream is given to me
I am very thankful to Ameba who did it.

However, I think ameba is wrong now.
Everyone, Ameba staff, for what purpose did you make ameba pig?
Think again.
It is because various people deepen the exchange.
Certainly, I do not want children to feel bad. I do not want the complaint to come.
But then, what happens to the staff's hard work so far? I think that the purpose of Ameba is gradually changing.
To deepen the exchange, to earn money.
Surely if you do not do so far, you may not be able to pass the world, but please, if you think again, I'm happy.
◆ 【Ryujin Erotic ЯEO】 ◆ 2012-03-13 21: 06: 15

22389 ■ Dead!

Tell me to protect or just hacking or scary!
I think that it is not qualified to make ameba if you can not prevent such a thing!
Do not shut up in the room or pinch!
Lie to death, die, die, die and die!
Be aware of people under the age of 15!
Lie to death, die, die, die and die!
Lie to death die to die to die to die to die to die to die death to die Lie to death die to die!
You can get angry!
Because Ameba is bad!
It does not make sense to charge!
I just wanted to use money, did not it? It is!
Huh ~! I missed it!
I missed Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing Missing I missed a missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missed missed miss missed missed miss I missed missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing missing!
The dead dying Deadly dying Deadly dying Deadly dying dead dying dead dying dead dying dead dying dead dead dying dead dying dead dead dying dead dead dying dead dead dying dead dead!
Nobody is sad!
What meaning are you living by doing that? It is!
Chrysanthemum 2012-03-13 21: 34: 51

22393 ■ Untitled

I will not be able to meet someone I like ....
Little bit, get on with this one too.
Even though I may not be able to meet someone I like for a lifetime, it is natural that I can finish my love of not being able to pig even though Pig is just looking forward to Pig every day.
Why do not you think about a bit?
In this way, the reputation of Ameba Pig will fall at a stretch.
Does anyone else go on pigs any more?
Is that alright?
I dislike such a pig.
Please think bigger.
First of all, I'm discriminating too much for those under 15 years of age.
So, so many comments on complaints come.
∞ Matsubo Namiko ∞ 2012-03-13 21:34:57

With this kind of feeling, it is on fire indefinitely from 8 o'clock in the morning, and it is accelerating steadily.

In addition,In connection with the site, we heard someone else's password using interchanging functions, and cases of elementary and junior high school student members were caught as unauthorized access, and the company explained as "measures of bitterness" to prevent troubles beforehand ing"apparently.

2012/03/14 20:53 Addendum
At last the number of comments exceeded 30,000.

30945 ■ Untitled

There are many people who are told to be tough,
Were they themselves like kidding?
Remember when you were an idiot, just comprehend feelings and rice.
This is fucker lover, but wwwwwwww
Yufufu ♪ 2012-03-14 20:52:15

30941 ■ Untitled

What is part of the function
It's all usable! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is!
Write a blog and put on your clothes and change it
Does not it say that it ends! It is!
Moreover, are they adults?
Kazea, why do not you view Neyo
Muzzled beard! It is!
Why do you take bald spots?
Do not cry horses
卍 ★ sion ☆ 卍 2012-03-14 20:51:44

30920 ■ Untitled

> Adult people

I am talking about parents' money
I had you help this way
I charge for small small money.
Friends' birthday gifts and valentines
Even such things disappear.
It is 100 yen. There is no such word.
Let's accumulate 1 yen.
that? that? I notice that.
that? That 1,000 yen is also 1000 pieces.
If the price is ten yen, it is 100 times.
In other words, it is about 7 months if it is once in two days.
that? That spring item is already gone.
Good luck with that little little money
Because it is stacked
To be honest I think that this is also a job.

Although I am saying that I should withdraw from my account
How is yourself?
Things I bought for candy and G
All will disappear
Things that fight with Piggu friend,
It is Pig which is packed with various memories.
I am serious with this kind of thing
How adults think I do
No matter what I say, I am serious.

Why do I dislike selling?
My Pigu friend was taken over.
I got sad because that pig friends got along well
Pig's friend's garden is just a small garden
It is a feeling I started from 0 somehow.
There was one flower in that garden
My heart became heavy with a lot of trouble
I'm the only one who feels like this
Something else is good. Even from 0.
I think so
If you do not want to go back from 99 you can do it
Your memories will disappear when you cancel.
All will disappear.
Again, that memories
All will disappear.
Please think about our feelings.

... It seems to be over here because it seems to be too long to write.

Thank you very much.

I am sorry for a long time

Yu 2012-03-14 20:50:17

30968 ■ Untitled

There are some opinions on self-responsibility such as billing,
Do not you mean much if you bought some clothes but only wear it at your own home?
How much does it matter not only to click and move even if the house is wide?

Is it a fun pig, so if you charge for more enjoyment it will not erase its pleasures?

Did you get illegal access or something? Because there are passwords or stealing people? Is there a problem with money?

I should be able to respond to that kind of thing by providing such services?
Because I can not respond, my child no longer needs.
Is not it strange?

It does not matter how much we deal with is that your manners are bad?

I think that it should be able to predict such a thing more than providing a service, I think that we should try our best in response.

This regulation is short of explanation.
Anyway what kind of incident happened, we decided not to even use it because we are no longer able to use it, I am sorry for lack of power.
I think that those who have kept paying the rules and enjoying ordinary things until now do not agree with it?

Anyway, I think that this is due to Ameba's lack of power privately.
It is not a translation saying that people who are illegally accessing are not bad either.
Mi @ I want to become a human being quickly 2012-03-14 20:54:39

In addition, we are currently spreading to the comment field other than the official blog entry that is applicable.

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