Hitachi completed the sale of HDD business to Western Digital, total sales amounted to 388 billion yen

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Just one year ago,Hitachi's HDD division "HGST" is decided to be sold to Western DigitalHitachi announced that this sale was completed on March 8 th local time.

(PDF file)Transfer of hard disk drive business from Hitachi to Western Digital will be completed on March 8

Hitachi completed sale of HDD business, gains of sales of securities of 191 billion yen | Technology News | Reuters

Hitachi completed sale of HDD business at 388 billion yen: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Hitachi relinquishes HDD business which market fluctuates drastically, and in future it will focus on social infrastructure business etc.

It was reported that it is planned to sell cash of 3.5 billion dollars (about 288.1 billion yen) at the March 2011 stage and 25 million shares of Western Digital Inc. (equivalent to about 775 million dollars to about 61.7 billion yen) Ultimately, the total amount sold is 388 billion yen with cash of 3.9 billion dollars (about 319 billion yen) and 25 million shares (equivalent to 900 million dollars = about 73.6 billion yen).

As a result of this sale, Western Digital will be returning to the world's largest HDD business.

By the way HDD price isSoaring in Thai floods soaring in October 2011, Peak has already passed, but it has not returned to the previous price level.

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