Distributing 1100 free-of-charge royalty-free images for commercial use on Mediafire

Using Rizonesoft 's manager who creates and distributing various software worked part - time in graphic design, taking advantage of the experience of being bothered by the low quality of free stock photographs available on the net, We distribute 1100 stock photographs that can be used based on a royalty-free and permanent license that is OK for personal use or commercial use, using Mediafire.

1100 Free Royalty-Free Images | Rizonesoft

There is a link in the middle of the page. It feels like there are 100 images for each link.

Clicking it opens the following site.

You can see each image by clicking the "Image View" tab in the upper right of the page.

If you have an image you want to download, hold the mouse cursor over the thumbnail image and click on the download icon, the original image download will start

There are 100 images at each link destination. If you want to download this 100 sheets at once, click "Download This Gallery" at the top right

If you click "Yes", you can download 100 images into a single ZIP file. For example, when downloading as the ZIP file from the first to the 100th, it became 280 MB.

The actual image looks like the following.

2012/02/25 10:52 Addendum
Because the transfer amount has exceeded, it is temporarily unpublished because it is planning to publish on Facebook in the future. Please wait for a while until it is reopened.

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