Cover to seal the USB port and reduce the risk of information leakage and password cracking

You may not know the meaning even if it is told that the USB port is dangerous. However, if you use software loaded in the USB memoryWindows password analysisYaPC remote monitoringIt is easy to do, and there is a risk that a malicious person copies data to the USB memory and removes it when leaving the PC running and leaving. In this way, although the USB terminal can easily connect any device, it is also a security risk.

Therefore, Ainex sells what was made with the idea of ​​being safe if you do not physically use the USB terminal in the first place "Sealed connector cover for USB A female(450 yen including tax) ".

◆ Photo review

In the package, the word "seal" is written in red.

Since it contains 10 packs per pack, you can plug three or four USB ports together for laptop PCs.

It contains parts like this.

The smallness of the fingernail.

It looks like this when looking at near.

It seems that this part bites into the unevenness in the USB port and can not be pulled out.

There are also side sticks.

◆ Test strength

The following is the USB port of the desktop PC used for this experiment.

In the state where no countermeasures are taken, it is possible to insert the USB memory in this way, there is a possibility that the software is executed to the malicious opponent or the data is pulled out.

I will cover "Sealed connector cover".

Push in slightly to push it in and click "click".

Since the USB port is completely blocked, you can not insert the terminal anymore.

Even if I tried to remove it with a nail, it is firmly hooked up by the force of the fingers so that it can not be withdrawn.

It does not enter the tip of pliers.

The tip of a flathead screwdriver can be screwed.

After having made the gap, I snapped with pliers and pulled out.

The state of the way from actually covering the USB port to removing the cover can be seen in the following movie.

Anti-crack measure via USB port Strength test of "sealed connector cover" -1 - YouTube

Let's try it on a laptop.

I plugged up the USB port easily.

Although I can not take it with the power of fingers, though ...

If you have a flat head screwdriver it can easily be removed. The port after unsealing was able to connect as usual.

Even if you block the USB port of the laptop, you can check the way the cover is uninstalled quickly if you use the driver in the following movie.

Anti-crack measure via USB port "Sealed connector cover" strength test -2 - YouTube

As a result of actually trying out "Sealing connector coverI found that you can seal the USB port at a level that is almost impossible to disassemble without tools. However, if there is a tool, it will be removed to sgo, so it is better than attacking via USB port, but it is not possible to protect it perfectly.

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