The movie which made the physical model Gundam walk with genetic algorithm is amazing

I am doing various experiments using 3D and physics engineIn custodyHas uploaded a movie "I made Gundam walk with genetic algorithm" to Nico Nico video and YouTube. In the first placeGenetic algorithmEven if I do not understand something, movies that explain it are prepared so that you can see how much trial and error you are doing.

Account on YouTube is "3D Creature Physics (99 munimuni)It is named after.

I walked Gundam with a genetic algorithm. Walked the Gundam By genetic algorithm - YouTube

Muyumuni who had already succeeded in walking Gundam with physics engine challenged to improve walking with genetic algorithm.

If it is this Zaku simple model it seems to be able to move a lot of models simultaneously ... ...

Gundam is also conducting physics calculations such as forehead antenna and beam saber, for example, the processing becomes heavy and the number that can be moved at the same time will inevitably decrease.

That being said, this movie has evolved these six Gundams over two weeks on two PCs.

At first it was awkward walking, and it fell apart as the first step was taken.

But, take two weeks to walk slowly.

This is the physical Gundam Ver.0.05 that I could walk.

There were two weeks, so it seems that I was able to produce a steel bar reflected in the foreground.

In the first place what it means "to improve with genetic algorithms" is what makes this movie very easy to understand.

I learned how to row a swing with a genetic algorithm. Swing genetic algorithm - YouTube

Blue people are smoothly entering the movements because they entered the movement, so the red people are not able to get along well because they are standing at random or sitting.

This is made to allow swings to be arranged by genetic algorithm. With this swing movement as an evolutionary goal, we will divide a lap by 32 to make it correspond one to one with genes.

In other words, each gene has one of "stand (1)" "sit (0)" and evolves towards optimized movement.

There is a notation "BEST GENE 11000110010001111101101000001111", but stand for this "1" and sit at "0". In the first generation, this combination means that the combination swung best the swing (the swing width was large).

With this generation over and over, the movement will gradually become excellent. In this experiment, genetic change disappeared as it reached the 22nd generation.

Again, when we compare Mr. Alvin 's algorithm (blue man) and Genetic Algorithm 22nd generation (red person), the red rows are swaying but they are swinging high.

In this movie, I made it walk with a genetic algorithm, but before that I have entered all of the movements of the joints and have a track record made by physics engine. It is a movie that feels how difficult it is to make walking.

I let Gundam walk with a physical engine. Made GUNDAM which walks using a physics engine - YouTube

This physical Gundam, unevenness which is visible are all physical objects.

It seems that joints are made to move in parallel with Gundam and that the masses are balanced close to people.

First of all, turning over. Even this alone is pretty tough.

Move forward. Too expensive.

It seems to be a quadrilateral, easy-going posture, and in fact it is a movement that makes full use of the body.

And gundam standing up from where it lay down! ...... I do not want to see a place to stand up with such a pose, but it seems to be tough if I do not take this posture as I get up from the top.

Slowly, it stands as smoothly as possible.

And finally to walk ... ....

In addition, it is the botnet that is introduced as being earlier than bipedalism.

Make Gundam do various things by physical calculation. Physical operation of GUNDAM. - YouTube

It seems that friction on the back has been lowered as much as possible ... ...

It seems that it is the earliest that you rotate around your limbs and run like wheels.

by the way,Robot actually able to ride "Kuratasu"Korito Kurata who is also making tires used tires for undercarriage. Still, because the total weight of the robot is considerable, balance control seemed to be hard. As you actually made a robot of the same size as Gundam, by accident, looking at the manual that has rolled to hand, it seems to be difficult to move "If this!"

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