Basil taste overwhelms shrimp "Basil tartar shrimp burger" Tasting review

Speaking of shrimp burger, about Lotteria, we have offered various kinds of shrimp burger at Lotteria, but since February 16 it has been newly released "Basil tartar shrimp burger", so we went to eat It was.

From Shrimp Burger's Lotteria, a new shrimp product is born! "Basil tartar shrimp burger" released nationwide!

The landmark is an uncle of a beard offering a burger on this face.

It is 350 yen if it is a single item.

Buns is a type with cracks in the center.

It is shredded cabbage that you can see a little.

There is plenty of volume of cabbage and tartar sauce with basil.

Ebipathi is familiar, raised to crispy using homemade bread crumbs.

Basil seems to add natural cheese using French outdoor cultivation. Anyway, this basilic flavor smells fluffily from opening the package. It is delicious enough to try this basil tartar sauce with other dishes.

Black tiger is among Ebipati. The plump texture is still alive here.

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