Naked men bathe in water on a frozen river and shout on the flames "Su Son Festival" local coverage ~ Extreme cold edition ~

The "Sukumai Festival" known as one of the three biggest festivals in Japan is a traditional event of extreme content such as bathed in the temperature below zero and breathing on the blazing flames. In the previous article I reported the state of Kuroishiji in Iwate prefecture, which will be the venue, so this time I will report on the state of the freshwater "naked ride" at the ice landing pond which will become the mountain area in the first half of the festival.

By around 22 pm when "naked gull" begins, the surroundings of "Ruri Utsukawa" in the precincts are covered by reporters and amateur photographers. According to local regularsA controversial poster became a topic when it was wildAlthough it seems that the number has decreased compared with 2008, there are still quite a few people.

People who are coming to shoot are thoroughly cold weather equipment.

The thermometer display is about minus 4 degrees. Some people said that it was minus 10 degrees, so I do not know the exact temperature, but it is certainly only an extremely cold weather.

The river where row water is done is like this. It is difficult to see because the water is cloudy, but it is only about the depth below the knee.

Appeared from the stone steps crying out a shout that people who changed clothes at the temple paid trouble "Jusso, Joyasa!" In addition, it is a formal "naked gentle" style that repeats three visits to the main shrine and a bathing bubble, and the participants are centered on the troubled people.

When the leading man enters the water while crushing ice with a tub, it flushes all at once.

The rest will follow the avalanche and the following crowd will come.

Some people cried out wishes such as "No Sick Breathing!", "In-House Safety!" While wearing water using the prepared tub.

People who had an expressive expression until the moment, when looking at water, looked like anguish.

I will take a cold water from my head in the cold enough to shake even if I wear a down jacket and coverage.

At the scene the atmosphere and the festival stakeholders and participants got stuffed in the sight and the noise felt in the press.

The atmosphere of the site can be seen with the following video.

2012 "Los Angeles Festival" Naked Battle -1 - YouTube

People who have gone up from the water will go back to the main hall as it is.

After going around the main hall, I will return to the "Ruri giugawa" for running water again.

The same man as the first time cuts the lead.

People who wear water while raising splash.

The state of the second bathing shot taken from a different angle from the first can be seen with the following movie.

2012 "Los Angeles Festival" Naked Battle -2 - YouTube

Again to the main hall. The feet will advance the freezing road with only socks and straw.

I came back to the "Ruri giugawa" for the third and last row of water. It seems that the feeling of cold seems to be paralyzed at this time, the groaning sounds like "my hand is numb" or "I do not have a sense of nose" has come to be heard.

I will let the whole body feel water and receive water.

Once you have finished your third visit to the main hall, you will return to the interior once.

The state of the people walking around the main hall can be seen with the following video.

2012 "Los Angeles Festival" Naked Battle -3 - YouTube

To the inside of the room with the guide of the caretaker. It gets quite warm at the temperature of a dense person when coming here.

Warm up with charcoal fire, restore your physical strength with warm drinks and prepare for the next event.

Make a huge bonfire, and on top of that the men of the loincloths will raise their mind "Shibaraki Hikiriki climb (Hitaki no Uori)" Please look forward to the next article.

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