A movie in danger of a boy falling outside the escalator falls


The boy who did not get on the escalator normally, got grasped by the handrail and got on the outside and dropped at the end of the escalator ... was a dangerous movie.

Guy Catches Boy That Falls 15 Feet Off An Escalator.mp4 - YouTube

Picture of the surveillance camera that was installed above the escalator. The boy is grasping the outside of the escalator's handrail.

It climbed up as it was ... ... and it came up.

It seems that the old man came down to say "What are you doing"? The boy still clinging to the railing.

And the two go to the blind spot of the image.

This is a surveillance camera image of another angle. I noticed a boy clung to the outside of the escalator by his uncle.

Uncle walking away.

And the boy who finally came to the end of the escalator, the handrail gently rotates around here and disappears into the main body ... ....

It is a way of riding that you want to try once, but please do not manage it because it is dangerous.

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