"Cup noodle king" tasting review surpassing the big by the majesty of the king

A cup noodle of Nissin, which has released sizes that meet ordinary size, mini size, big size and any demand, super big size "Cup noodle king" exceeding big was added and it became a new release from today . I bought this cup noodle king which I was showing at the convenience store overwhelmingly the big Big, I tried it at once.

40th Anniversary Commemorative "Cup Noodle King" New release on Monday, January 23, 2012 | Nissin Foods

Cup noodle king (215 yen including tax) on the left, cup noodle big on the right (190 yen tax).

Big is also quite big, but it also exceeds it.

Especially there is not much change in raw materials. However, the necessary amount of hot water is 520 ml ... ....

A cup noodle king with 537 kcal at 120 g per meal. Salt equivalent amount is 7.6 g with soup and soup.

One bigger is 99 g of meal and 437 kcal, and the salt equivalent is 6.4 g.

When I opened it peeling, I saw a lot of appliances for a moment.

The meat certainly is getting bigger, but the amount has decreased ... ...?

When thinking out and putting it on a dish, it is a natural result that there are more King. Eggs are a little bit shrimp, but shrimp and meat are also large.

Three minutes by pouring hot water, it is completed in the same procedure as usual.

Make a good mime.

First of all, the difference in volume is conspicuous, but what is becoming a corrosion if meat is normal or big is king and it is a mysterious meat of nostalgia.

Anything that is overwhelmed by deca. Because there is no change in the taste, you can taste the cup noodle purely to your heart's content. Even if you are usually buying rice balls with Big, this should be ok only with ramen. However, since the amount of hot water used is quite large, attention is necessary only for that point.

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