A movie capturing the moment of malicious driving that attacks a child waiting at a bus stop


If the bus does not come easily it will be unprotected by reading books and fiddling with mobile phones, but there seems to be a malicious driver in the world who drives that aimed at that ski.

Evil man splashes kids at the bus stop - YouTube

※ The movie has been deleted

Kids getting splashed a bus stop - YouTube

I am motivated that a driver who talks with a very high tension, "doing it! I'm gonna do it!

What is worse than anything is that the third person did not accidentally see the sight, but that he was shooting from inside the car.

The car goes down the slope steadily in the rainy weather.

There seems to be a bus stop around the end of the slope, so it seems that the children are waiting for the bus.

Just because there is a puddle, the car thrusts and a severe splash ... ...

The driver laughs out loud. This is terrible beyond the level.

According to the Japanese Road Traffic Act, when such a splash is applied to a pedestrian, the responsibility lies on the side driving the car (mud is driving).

In addition, the American school bus has a very high priority on the road, and it is prohibited to overtake by cars coming from the back of the bus as well as oncoming vehicles while stopping.


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