Web camera "C 920" that can make video calls with full HD picture quality that can clearly see the details

What kind of level of usability including the actual focus speed and CPU load due to encoding etc is what level it is, Logitech's "Logic" which can make video call with HD image quality equivalent to that of a general video cameraHD Pro Webcam C 920"(In the official store, 9980 yen including tax) I tried various tests using real machine.

Logitech official website

The package looks something like this. The bottom left icon shows that you can make a 1040p video call with Skype. In addition, the previous model 'C 910' is only available for taking full HD movies, the quality of video calls such as Skype was up to 720 p.

It is the back side of the box. The H.264 encoder which is excellent in the high compression rate of the video is carried. We will check the file size concerned and the load on the CPU of the PC later.

Simple design with a white logo on a black casing.

Equipped with a long-established optical equipment maker in Germany, Carl Zeiss lens. It has an autofocus function and 4 × digital zoom, and the focal length is from 7 cm.

There are microphones with noise and echo canceling on both sides of the lens.

The bottom surface has screw holes for attaching to a tripod etc. Since it is made of metal, there is no worry of wear even if used repeatedly.

Viewed from the side. The height can be adjusted with the lower hinge part.

The USB cable for connecting with the PC is about 180 cm.

I tried installing it on a 12 inch notebook PC. There is a sense of stability since the rubber of the anti-slip is attached inside the clip.

Looking like this from the front.

Since it can be attached to a tripod, it can also be used like a full-fledged video camera.

It is also possible to pinch the book and fix it. It is convenient because it can clip to things at hand as well as on the display.

Exposure and contrast etc can be set using attached software. I am comparing how to actually change with the video below this.

Please refer to the following movie to see what kind of image quality actually will be. You can understand by clicking the button on the bottom right at playback to "1080p". In addition, the quality of the video seen on YouTube was not inferior to the original video file.

First of all, it was taken taking saturation and lightness auto. Black pepper of pepper on the surface of chicken can be clearly discriminated. Also, attention is paid to the fact that the focus position changes properly as the position of the subject changes.

"C920" shot sample (auto setting) - YouTube

In the following movie, paying attention to rice grain etc., you can see the height of full HD resolution. In addition, color strength and focus etc. are set manually and shooting, so fine adjustment is possible.

"C920" shooting sample (manual setting) - YouTube

The movie file saved on the PC is at a level comparable to an inexpensive video camera, and even in actual Skype calls, the image quality of the same level as that of the above YouTube is almost maintained and hair and facial wrinkles can be seen. It is useful if you want to communicate as close as possible to the eyes as much as possible even over the Internet as it is easier for you to talk as much as you can understand facial expressions rather than speaking with rough image quality.

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