"Old fashion" is not Date, Crispy Fashion etc. Mised New product 4 kinds Taste review

As the name suggests, Mr. Donut 's "Old fashionAlthough it continues as a classic menu from a long time ago, occasionally it is a new variationNew release of four new products from January 11So I went to eat.

New products lined up in store front. I went to another store before this, but some were already sold out. Would it be that popularity of old fashion is expected?

Therefore, this is the new product No. 1 "Crispy fashion chocolate crunch" 136 yen.

I applied chocolate to old fashions and added chocolate crunch.

I expected the crispy crunchy texture, but it is regrettable that the crispy feeling has been eliminated because the painted chocolate is moist.

New item 2, "Crispy fashion almond sugar" 136 yen.

Almond butter flavored cream is painted in old fashion.

It looks sweet like Krispy cream donuts, but in fact it is fluffy loose sweetness. Almond butter flavor may be slightly subtle ... ....

And New Item 3, "White Chocolate Fashion" 136 yen.

The chocolate part of "chocolate fashion" became white chocolate.

Chocolate fashion has its bitter sweetness accented, but here is zero bitterness, pushed with sweetness anyway. Originally old fashion has a naive sweet taste, but there is strength to crush its sweetness, so chocolate fashion is better for balance.

The last new product is "Old Fashion Black Mitsuki Nako" 136 yen.

It looks completely different from the new product so far.

Fluffy and kinako are covered, but the most characteristic is texture. Old fashion fabric is a bit stiff donut made crispy, but this black Mitsuki Nako softens as if it collapses.

The reason is because it firmly blackens the surface of the surface. It is a different texture from the old fashions, but the sweetness that made the black mats dense is ali.Brown sugar donut stickFeeling like that.

Various new variations have appeared, but when you eat these, I will be aware of the high degree of perfection of the old base fashions. It is not Date that we have been selling as a regular menu for decades.

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