"Underfuse" that allows you to add pockets that enter smartphones and other places to your favorite places

Wherever you can attach iron pockets made of stretchable material, you can increase it to where you are, so put the things you want to wear such as smartphones, keys, cards etc in the pockets you have increased It's pretty nice idea, although it is plain to say that this "Underfuse"is.

Underfuse :: Performance Pocket by Tal Cohen - Kickstarter

Details of what it is only 55 seconds You can understand by playing the following movie.

Underfuse :: Demo on Vimeo

This is "Underfuse"

In this way it is possible to add a pocket to the side of sports wear and put a smartphone such as iPhone / Android

Even in such a place OK

There are bonded parts like this in the surroundings

Just push the logo towards the front

Choose where you want to increase your pockets ......

Heating iron


Peeled in three directions


The price you care about is 8 dollars a day (since the shipping cost to Japan is 3 dollars, total is 11 dollars, about 845 yen), three 20 dollars (shipping fee to Japan is 5 dollars so total of 25 dollars, It is about 1920 yen).

In addition, this project itself got 11 thousand dollars (about 880 thousand yen) in local time on January 15, 2012 no go-ahead will be issued, and at the time of article writing it gathered up to $ 9265 (about 710,000 yen) We can only plan a little more to plan the production of this product, we will only receive a goal, so it will be flowing as it is, so Tal Cohen, the creator of New York residents who lives in New York so that it will flow, will go to GIGAZINE Direct communication came.

The reason why it is necessary for 11,500 dollars is that according to the FAQ of the site, this Underfuse is itself a special fabric for training, whether it is cotton or polyester or spandex anywhere with an iron It is said that it is reported from the production factory that if it takes 10,500 dollars absolutely to manufacture the initial lot because it uses the special adhesive and fabric which are attached by the factory.

In Japan, there is an image like a web service that utilizes IT as a company of start-up type, but although it is plain like this Underfuse, "It certainly may be a nice idea", "I am not in this world yet There are many real products based on a simple motivation that everyone should be useful if it raises a birthday, and this Underfuse is set right at the branch point of whether it lives or dies exactly, but how is it after this Is there a final ending awaiting ... ....

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