The content that is frequent in "New Year's Resolution" and the infographic showing its result


There are people who swear that this year will do this as "New Year's resolutions", but what is the result of that? Infographics that summarized that it appeared. Easy to say "New Year's resolve", it seems difficult to keep it quite easy.

What kind of thing is mentioned as a New Year 's resolve is like this. Sample is taking USA as an example, so the situation is slightly different from Japan.

Quitting Bad Habits | Quit Smoking & Lose Weight & Dieting | LiveScience

First of allNon smoking". 19.3% (about 45 million people) of smokers among adults (adults) who are 18 or older who live in the United States are smokers.

continue"lose weight". In 2010, 33.8% of the adult living in the United States gained weight.

"AbstinenceIs also a popular ambition. 75% of the alcohol consumed in the United States is consumed with binge.

"enjoy lifeThere is also a big aspiration that says, This is due to 77% of workers receiving some kind of stress from work, wage is cheap, relationship with employer is not good, workload is high. "I want to spend my life with a little fun" is a strong wish rather than a resolution.

"Reduce debt". The credit card liability per household is also 15,599 dollars (about 1.22 million yen).

"Increase time spent with family moreSome people say. Mostly, the average working hours per week is 34.3 hours, overtime hours have been added 3.2 hours there.

In another infographic graphic, "To lose weight (diet)"Focus on more work and study"Improve eating habits"Quit smoking / abstinence / drag"Is the top 4.

Quitting Bad Habits | Quit Smoking & Lose Weight & Dieting | LiveScience

So how long do these aspirations last? ... but this depends on what kind of person challenges you.

For example, in the case of "diet". Teenagers have this decision for only a week. 3 weeks for married men, 3.5 weeks for elderly people, 5 weeks for married women, 8 weeks for singles.

In the case of "losing (exercise)", married men will drop for 2 weeks, elderly people will drop out in 2.5 weeks, but married women will stay 11 weeks, teenagers will stay 13 weeks, singles will stay until 16 weeks.

It is a feeling that a single person can do anything with the data so far, but abandoning it in one week will be abandoned when it comes to "smoking cessation".

As "improving eating habits", married men are working hard for 17 weeks. If you are not careful about your meal, your body may not have, so maybe your consciousness is high.

When becoming "moderation", the housewife who holds the wallet seems to be strong as well.

By the way, it is divided whether to decide "New Year's resolve" properly by country, whether it is occasionally or not at all, 60% of people in Germany, Italy, Russia and Spain always make some sort of goal But in America there are 45% who say that they can not set any goals, and they are majority.

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