I made 'Kansai croquette soba' as soba soba soba

Shock freeze-dried croquette "Maru-chan Hokkoku croquette soba"Since it was too shocking, I bought various kinds of croquettes because "this year it will be like a year-end croquettes ... just thinking from common sense ...".

Which one is most suitable for croquette, and what is it that stands in the position of Kansai croquettes, Let's try!

That's why I bought it for four croquettes crocodile crocheted, a croquette shop selling near the entrance of Home Center Cornan

From the left is butter croquette · Sukiyaki croquette · Curry croquette · Blur croquette

Potatoes up, smooth and buttery rich

Sukiyaki, beef is an umuma

Zoom to a fragrant curry

"Blur" is what made the fillet a bit spicy, in other words, stewed beef stew

And what is close to the back of the croquettes ... ...

Mi, minced cutlet? It is!

If the croquettes match, minced cuts will also fit, so start invasion

Gogogogogo ... ... to finally decide sex at the end of the year Clash with each other

Firstly from the croquette quartet.

I thought that potatoes would fit, but butter is a bit too strong

Sukiyaki, this is also unexpected. Probably that sweetness of sukiyaki is pulling legs

Although this curry fits quite well, there is also opinion that it is not because the most horse is curry in this series of croquettes, but it is Fellow Hen!

And unexpectedly it is a dumb bug. Perhaps because it contains a little spicy spicy, it is just a good accent and there is no meat such as beef, so it does not erase the flavor of the buckwheat, but rather complements it.

Minced noodles soba majestic appeared there

Junior. So I tried eating, but the taste of the meat is too strong, somehow Ah. Apparently it seems to erase the flavor of soba when the taste of the meat is too strong. Therefore, when eating with green onion it will be slightly better.

That's why the whole group gathers up

I thought it was a tough guard, in the middle of the egg the eggplant

Hello everyone, please have a happy new year.

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