Not only for the next month and last month but all over the year One meaning too much desk calendar

The thing that makes you feel inconvenient when using a calendar in one month display is that you have to turn over the page several times every time you check the date or the day of the week that is three to four months old. Many of the months before and after are displayed on the right shoulder of the calendar, but in most cases it will take more than two months ago or a while to see the previous date. It is a bit of a thing, but I can not ignore it if it makes me feel bad. That's why the GIGAZINE editorial department has found that you can know the date and the day of the week for 12 months no matter what month you open "Desk color index (large) 2012 calendar (1029 yen including tax)"is.

The biggest point is the colorful index on both sides. Because the date and the day of the week for all the months from January to December are displayed here, you can list the year for any month open.

The central part is a very normal one month calendar. Day of the week is alphabetical notation, holidays are displayed in red. There is no statement on Six Sund such as Daian or Buddha.

On the back side, in addition to the date and the day of the week, public holidays, six days are printed as well.

Even after February the basic display is the same, but the index of the finished month is gray.

When turning around it looks like this. In the March page, the index in February is gray.

On the upper right of the calendar, holidays of the month and important events are displayed together. There was not only a practical thing such as the time limit of the final declaration but also "electric anniversary" etc.

Proceeding until November, most of the months are over, so it's only gray.

In December, the calendar for the next 6 months is displayed in the index on the left.

The top fastener is made of metal. Metal fittings are also included to hook the pin and hang it on the wall.

I actually tried it. The weight and the bulk are increasing due to the cardboard for use as a tabletop, so sitting is bad impression somewhat.

The next seems like a normal feeling at first glance "Desktop compact color 2012 calendar (840 yen including tax)".

The notation of the day is alphabet, although there is description of the holiday, there is no display of the sixth.

The biggest feature is the status display printed on a separate sheet from the calendar. By placing the display selected from the tab on the right in your desk such as an office, it is a function that you can inform you what you are doing now.

Tab under eating. Illustration of a pictogram with a big fork and a knife is drawn.

Let's make this side a table when we go home.

This is displayed when you are on vacation.

There was also a table that knows the postage from size and weight etc. "Length 14 to 23.5 cm, width 9 to 12 cm, thickness 1 cm and fixed form mail up to 25 g is 80 yen" so that it can be understood immediately.

Price list of stamp duty which is required when issuing transfer agreement documents and promissory notes such as real estate and land.

It is a list that understands the era of the Meiji, Taisho and Showa era and the reference table of the Christian era and the age and zodiac of the person born in that year. For example, from the information "born in 1988" it will be possible to investigate things such as "29 years old in the Year of 1983 born".

So, it is a calendar with color index sold at a 100 yen shop which seems to imitate this calendar.

The left is for the 100 yen shop, the right is for "Desk color index (large) 2012 calendar (1029 yen including tax)".
In this way the 100 yen shop has a handy smell drifting away, but this is cheap so it is divisible.

People who have not purchased next year 's calendar should be able to welcome the New Year by thoroughly planning if you find a calendar that matches yourself with reference to this article and links of related articles.

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