"Secret society hawk's claw" rushes into the CM of "Ringu Pengudrum"

I just wore a penguin's hat "Secret society Hawk's clawYoshida-kun's "Ring Penguindrum"We did a radio wave jack against the.

President Yoshida-kun is likely to be grinded

Dr. Leonardo dressed as Penguin No. 1

Members of the "Hawk's Claw Group" aiming to conquer the world are broadcasting the 23rd MBS broadcast of MBS, TBS, TV Aichi, TV Anime, BS-11, AT-X animation "Ringu Pengudrum" Appeared suddenly in the frame, Yoshida-kun and Dr. Leonardo who cosplayed the character of "Ringing Penguin" in this guerrilla CM appeared, and "Daughter Pumpdrum" such as "Survival Strategy -!" "Fabulous Max" I have spoken to a number of famous lines that have appeared.

Also, as announced at the end of the CM, there is also a plan that collaborative goods (Yoshida-kun & Leonardo doctor Pindra cosplay original seal) of "Secret Society Hawk's Claw" and "Ring Pumping Drum" hit 100 people by lottery I was aware of what I was doing without permission, I was exposed to the bottom of the white day.

Furthermore, on the website of "secret society hawk's claw" now, "Year-end collaborative announcement serious announcementAs an important announcement from Hawk's claw group entitled "Determination of series broadcasting in Nico Nico videoAnd release of the new application "President's representative", a mail-order site that offers a wealth of false nail group goods "DLESHOP"Christmas campaign announcement etc. have been announced and it seems that the original seal of Pindra cosplay is possible to apply from the Facebook page of" Secret Society Hawk's Claw ". Also, within one broadcast of "secret society hawk's claw" broadcasted on Nico Nico video on Wednesday, December 28, there are more serious announcements than the hawk's claws ......

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