"FINSPY MOBILE" to make all communication and calls of smartphone such as iPhone / Android wiretaest

You can disguise security updates of various smartphones remotely, record e-mails and calls, and even eavesdropping by voice calling function without notification sounds, always track your current location by using GPS and more with smartphone It is said that remote photographing of photographed photographs and data in them is also possibleFINSPY MOBILE"is.

This is a new project by Wikileaks that can search companies that sell systems that monitor and tapping various people for the government, police, military, information intelligence "The Spy Files"Gamma" company of UK, one of the companies listed in the above, PDF files and movies for actual presentation are published on the net, and anyone can view and confirm It is possible, it is a real product.

The following is a list of distinctive functions.


· Operate with iPhone (iOS), Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry
· Record mail, voice call, short message
· Voice call call function without notification sound enables you to monitor parties with live live feeling
- File download (address book, calendar, photographs taken, movies, various other files)
- Using GPS and Cell ID, it is possible to track the position of the opponent across countries
· Record all communication by Blackberry's messenger function

Main monitoring system

Software to monitor the other party

The overall configuration of the surveillance system is like this, and it is possible to infect and monitor all kinds of smartphones

From records such as GPS, when and where the other party called, mailed, sent a message, written, all these actions go to the bottom of the line, thus the list is organized in an easy-to-understand manner It is becoming easy to see. This makes it possible to grasp all actions of the opponent.

Let's see a movie of how to actually use it

I assume such a city

The target uses smartphones for daily communication

I will send a message informing of fake updates to the target smartphone

I think that the target is a security update and I will execute it as it is

Invade your opponent's smartphone & infection & installation complete

Then it is ok if you watch the other party 's actions one by one and see where and when they are doing from a safe remote place

Furthermore, even if it is illegal to use this software because it is a police, government or intelligence agency, it is not virtually illegal, because the existence of such software and its use itself has been kept secret so far , How the police and others who should be the crackdown side actually use it is the only state that you must believe "It should not be misused".

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